Exquisite Dining at ITC Grand Bharat

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At ITC Grand Bharat, the ‘well-being’ kitchens have re-imagined the exceptional cuisines that go beyond European classics, to reconstruct low-calorie gastronome experiences and flavors of Asia, as well as India. Dining options include the ‘Aravali Pavilion’ (3-meal period restaurant) showcasing Modern India Mosaics, ‘The India Room’ (debuting Creative European Classics) and the ‘Peacock Bar’, among others.

Aravali Pavilion

The Aravali Pavilion at ITC Grand Bharat is the retreat’s charming bistro and three-meal period restaurant. The Aravali Pavilion is their coffee shop, and I visited this place for my breakfast and lunch. There is also a verandah if you need a quick bite; it offers you sandwiches, wraps and an assortment of teas, coffees and beverages.

The warm interiors with its murals and cork floors are home to unique culinary concepts such as ‘Swasthya’ cuisine; eating for health and taste, the debut of ‘Modern India Mosaics’ and ITC Hotels’ Signature Mornings, ‘Best of Pavilion’, ‘The Express Wok’ and ‘Local Love’.

Each dish was thoughtfully prepared and tasted yummy. The preparations varied from other ITC properties. Lunch at the Aravali Pavilion and what I liked here were the thali type meal options – we get a meal with one vegetable, one daal, three chapatis, rice, salad and dessert – perfect for one person. I loved it.

The India Room

Creative European Classics: The offerings in this restaurant inspired from the various colonizers from India’s past. At the heart of this depiction lies a confluence of excellent European cuisine that envisages a shared pool of fine European dining. The menu boasts of a vast array of cuisines of the colonizers of India – from the Greeks, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, to the British.

The plush interiors in a royal blue and gold theme feature magnificent chandeliers set against silk and French windows that open into the Sunset Boulevard, offering an option to dine al fresco. The India Room, with the waiter taking you through the Indian History and serving you the traditional food. Incredible!

I had dinner in The India Room, and the food is all about plating and exotic flavors. Its European cuisine and I could feel that only fresh produce was used. It was an excellent experience, and the food was mind blowing. The lamb biryani was especially delicious. Desserts were fabulous too.

Peacock Bar

Inspired by the national bird of India, Peacock Bar will offer Molecular Mixology inspired Classic Cocktails and premium spirits from across the world including mature malts, fine wines, exotic champagnes and much more.

The theatrics of the mixologist blend with the gentle jazz strains, abetting the energy of the bar. Guests can enjoy the stillness of time, in the company of their loved ones, while satiating their palate with the finest drinks from around the world.

Note: Peacock Bar, which is decorated with 60000 pieces of stained glass mural and in shades on the peacock.

The Peacock Room is a fantastic bar where you can get great old-school drinks and classic cocktails. The regular tipples are there, besides the flair, but you come here for classic cocktails, laced with lore, and their newer, molecular cousins.

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