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Cheval Three Quays, London – fabulous stay in the heart of London!

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As most of you know, I have been blogging on and off for more than 12 years now both in a personal capacity and for brands and events. Recently I got an amazing opportunity to be part of a 30 member blogger team from all over the world who were invited by Visit Britain to tour their amazing country by experiencing it first hand! This 30 member team was from all over the world but I was the only Indian in it! I was a part of the 5 member long haul food bloggers team which spent 2 days in London and 4 days in Scotland to experience amazing food and travel experiences!

Our first stop was the fabulous Cheval Three Quays serviced apartments in the heart of London, right next to Tower Bridge and Tower of London! Serviced Apartments are becoming a credible alternative to world’s finest hotels in London, attested by the arrival of a striking new collection of 97 serviced and 62 extended stay luxurious apartments at Cheval Three Quays, which opened on 10th March 2014 next to the Tower of London alongside the River Thames. Bed rooms and bath rooms were spacious and included every amenity required!

Cheval Three Quays is the latest desirable address from luxury apartment specialists Cheval Residences which already offer seven beautiful residences in some of London’s most sought after locations. The spacious and elegant one, two and three-bedroom apartments at Cheval Three Quays have dramatic floor to ceiling windows allowing guests un-obscured views of the River Thames with most featuring private glass and steel balconies with spectacular views including the Tower of London, City Hall and the Shard.

Each of us were staying in a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartments which was shared with a fellow blogger. My apartment mate was Lee Abbamonte who claims to be the youngest American to visit EVERY country! Unfortunately I couldn’t talk to him much as we both were tired from long journeys to London and he left early the next day to Scotland for adventure blogging, I’m following him on Twitter and hopefully will take tips from him sometime soon!

My room had wonderful view of the legendary Tower Bridge which is an iconic landmark of London along with Tower of London. I was surprised to know that this is NOT London Bridge as we hear in nursery rhymes. I saw a documentary about Tower of London being an execution place for high profile criminals and a heavy security jail many centuries back so I was a bit scared hoping that it’s not haunted as I was just staying opposite to it!

This is the video I made from the pent house at Cheval Three Quays, London where we had our breakfast with brilliant views all around. I have mentioned how we could see the world famous Shard and Tower Bridge very clearly from our rooms itself! I would definitely recommend this place over any other hotel as you have the flexibility to make your own meal and have easy accessibility to all the touristy places.

We were blessed with wonderful weather while in London so we had some brilliant views of the Shard, London Eye, Tower Bridge and Tower of London in the evenings too! It was calm and peaceful in the evening to just have a cocktail or tea and see the cruises on River Thames with the entire London skyline lit up before you. It was a bit chilly though so it was important to always wear a jacket or pull over as Spring was just ending and Summer was around the corner.

During breakfast at Cheval Three Quays London, I loved these pancakes with dollops of honey and topped up with fried eggs. I’m a big fan of pancakes but loved to see this version of it. I asked for seconds and from the likes of it, world’s top travel and food bloggers liked it too!

Another dish was brownies with sausages on top of them. I didn’t find this dish very interesting as I didn’t feel they mixed well. But it seemed to be a hit with Europeans. I guess it caters to their taste buds.

Stay of 2 nights at Cheval Three Quays London was excellent as they were like home away from home in the heart of one of the biggest and historically important cities in the World! I’m looking forward to my next stay there with my family for a longer duration when we could cook inside itself and save up money to do more travelling! Here is a 360 degrees vine video I made from the pent house showcasing brilliant views around!


  1. Arun yedery

    Nice Blog,Hrish. London is truly happening.

  2. Nice blog. I wish to vist London soon too on my next trip… Hope I get time to stay at this beautiful place . Great job sir

  3. Awesome Work Bro ! Thoroughly blogged about your experiences.. 🙂

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