Airtel 4G – blazing fast on Redmi Note 4G

Folks around the world have been mesmerized by the Mi mobiles from China which always have cutting edge Technology embedded in them. One of their latest offerings is Redmi Note 4G which is a budget phone under Rs.10,000 which is now readily available at any Airtel stores instead of booking it online, which is mostly luck based.

The booking process is very easy! You have to just visit Airtel Redmi Note 4G booking page online and click on “Book Now” which takes you to the following page.

Here you just need to mention whether you are a Prepaid or Post Paid User, your name, your mobile number, Email ID and City. That’s just about it! You will also get more information about the entire process on the right hand side.

There will be a One Time Password which will be sent on your mobile number to verify it. Please enter the number and verify to be taken to the next step.

In step 3, you have to select the preferred store where you wish to collect your Redmi Note 4G loaded with Airtel 4G. There are loads of options in each city where you can easily pick up the mobiles. Registering ensures that you will have your Redmi Note 4G ready rather than you getting disappointed in case stocks run out! Just one preparation has to be done - Please activate a 3G data pack of at least 500MB if you don’t already have one. Airtel staff can help you with this too!

Another advantage of booking the Redmi Note 4G loaded with Airtel 4G online is that the 4G sim will be ready with your mobile and you can instantly be online. Don’t worry even if you already have an existing sim, it will be seamlessly integrated into your new Airtel mobile. The existing 3G users can enjoy 4G speeds on their new Redmi Note 4G at the same tariff as their existing 3G plan, without activating any special 4G plan! Postpaid customers in cities hosting 4G can also avail a promotional offer of double data benefits on their 4G plans on buying the device.

You get blazing fast speeds on the Airtel 4G which is loaded on your Redmi Note 4G. I did the speedtest and the highest it touched while downloading was 17.85 MBPS!! Can you imagine that? I have used all over Bangalore even in places where most networks fail, but it was super fast!

Even upload was really good and was not in the 1 MBPS category. It easily touched 2.39 MBPS at it’s peak and showed how quickly you could upload videos and pictures to your social networks!

Taking an average, Download speed was 11.73 MBPS and upload speed was 0.47 MBPS. This is at par with many broadband connections and in fact is even faster than some like ACT broadband and Hathway broadband. I have personally tested it and vouch for the authenticity of the above fact.

So, what are you waiting for.. Go ahead and book your Airtel 4G on Redmi Note 4G and experience more than 5-10 times the speeds of existing 3G. Here is a video showing you how fast 4G actually is:

If you have an Airtel company paid plan, you can follow the below mentioned steps. Please get in touch with your company coordinator or email Airtel at [email protected] to activate data if it is not already done. Then you should carry the authorization letter from your company for switching your current SIM to a 4G ready USIM.


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