WeChat App – the new way to connect via voice, video and text

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I’m sure most of you would have used many messaging services on your smart phones like BBM (Black Berry Messenger) for Black Berry phones, G Talk on Android or iPhone and of course WhatsApp which allowed you to seamlessly talk to anyone having the software installed on their smart phone irrespective of the operating system. But still there was a need for a messaging system which went way beyond the capabilities of the existing messaging services and allowed you to do more with your videos, voice than just text while chatting.

 Enter WeChat app – the new way to connect via voice, video and text! It is the choice of over 200 million people across the globe as it is available on the iPhone App Store, Google play, Windows Phone and even Symbian OS! It has many wonderful features like location based discovery of friends and having a timeline of pictures of yourself and your friends like Facebook which allows you to comment on all the pictures too.

The ‘Social’ feature in WeChat App allows you to create an album for yourself like a Facebook album and add your pictures to it so that your friends can see it on their timeline. They can then comment on it, like it or have a discussion with you about those pictures.

While chatting with someone, WeChat App allows you to share not just photos and videos but also location which makes your friends locate you faster and also Name Cards. This is very useful in big cities when the address is not very easy to find.

One of the very interesting features of WeChat App is the voice chat feature which allows you to communicate with your own voice in real time! Sending a voice message is very simple and you can click ‘Release to Send’ only if you are satisfied with your message. Otherwise you can always cancel the voice message and send another one.

Group Chat feature of WeChat App allows you to add all your friends/colleagues/acquaintances and have not just a text conversation but also a voice conversation in case of taking a quick decision about something. There are loads of Emoticons that you can use in your chat too which spices up any conversation.

Wondering how to use the emoticons and how to create custom emoticons? Here is a simple tutorial to understand how! While chatting, tap on the emoticon icon. Select the ‘Custom’ tab and scroll to the last screen where you can select ‘+’. You can access your mobile’s photo album and select any image to add it to your custom emoticon collection! It’s as simple as that!

‘Look Around’ feature of WeChat App allows you to find nearby WeChat users to talk to and meet up with. You have to go to ‘Social’ tab on WeChat App and tap on ‘Look Around’. It will show you publicly available WeChat users along with information about how far they are from you. There could be a disadvantage to this too in case of stalkers. So you can always turn off ‘Location Services’ under your mobile settings to ensure that your privacy is maintained.

Some other interesting plug-ins in WeChat App include Recommend, Drift Bottle, Shake, Broadcast messages and Video Calls. Let’s look at the fun ‘Shake’ feature. ‘Shake’ is a fun feature from WeChat App where you can bump phones together to add a WeChat user to your address book. Friends hanging out can easily exchange contact info by shaking phones together. What’s more you can even do Remote Shake where you can find people who are shaking phones at the same time! It’s a fun activity that you can do with friends or at parties!

Lastly, let’s look at one of the most interesting features of WeChat App – the ‘Drift Bottle’ feature. With this feature you can make random friends anywhere around the world. Its like a smart phone version of ChatRoulette where you can bump into anyone on the earth using the same application! It has a very good animation of a bottle being dropped into an ocean (of users) and someone will reply to you with a message and you can continue the conversation with them!

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