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Taste amazing cocktails at Mai Tai Lounge, Orion Mall, Bangalore

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Being a foodie and some one who loves Cocktails, I was really pleased when I got an invitation to check out the Mai Tai Lounge in Orion Mall, Bangalore. My idea of a Cocktail was just a Long Island Ice Tea or a Cosmopolitan at the most! I was surprised to know that Mai Tai lounge specializes itself in Cocktails and was raring to try them so I went with my wife and friends to try it out!

At Mai Tai Lounge, we were greeted by General Manager Gautam Yadav and Bar Manager Shibu Joseph. Both of them explained to us the 75 year old history of Trader Vic’s and the concept of Polinesian food along with signature cocktails which they serve there. The location of the Mai Tai Lounge was very nice as it looked over the artificial lake at the spanking new Orion Mall in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. We sat at the following inviting table which was one of the most comfortable lounge spaces that I have ever seen!

We started our journey with the original cocktail known as the Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Original Cocktail made from the recipe invented way back in 1944! Legend has it that Trader Vic pulled down a bottle of seventeen-year old J.Wray Nephew Rum from Jamaica, squeezed a lime, added a dash of sugar syrup along with a splash of orange curaco and French orgeat and poured it over ice – thus was born the Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Original Cocktail! We tried it out in the signature glassware which is imported all the way from the USA! It gave a perfect look to the cocktail which we enjoyed with long straws which didn’t require us to bend too low to taste our drinks!

The next cocktail which my wife and I tried was the Tiki Puka Puka which had 3 styles of rums, orange juice, grenadine & spices. It was a drink to take us back to the Hawaiian islands! It was wonderfully served in a festival communal bowl the way most ancient Polinesian ceremonial Lau drinks were served since centuries! The delightful flavors in the drink left us wanting for more as we slowly slipped into a state of feeling ‘happy high’!

Another ceremonial Lau drink served in a festive communal bowl was the king of the cocktails as I would call it – Trader Vic’s Rum Cup – which was a frosty froth of fine rums, orange, lemon, lime and liquors. This was the highlight of our evening as all of us took our straws and started sipping one of the best cocktails I had ever tasted! We didn’t want to get wasted but this drink made us pretty high and we were famished tasting all these drinks so we dug into some of the tastiest Polinesian food available at the Mai Tai Lounge!

One of the best chicken wings that I have ever had anywhere in the world (and I have had the original Buffalo wings in Buffalo, USA too!) was the Kung Pao Chicken Wings at Mai Tai Lounge – spicy chilli glaze on top of the juicy and flash fried Chicken Wings sprinkled with crushed peanuts for a yummy taste! Served with a tangy sauce, we were licking our fingers not just with anticipation but with stupendous taste which I never tasted anywhere!

Another one of my personal favorites (though the wifey couldn’t have it!) was the Maui Waui Shrimp which was Prawns with Maui Dressing and served with a sprinkling of crushed coconuts and cilantro. I added a dash of lemon juice on top of the prawns to make the taste more appealing to my Palate. My taste buds thanked me for this as they were exuberant after having tasted the Shrimps!

Generally a place where you have wonderful cocktails and amazing finger food, you will not find good main course items to finish your meal. Mai Tai lounge is an exception though as it offers a complete dining experience not just with drinks and starters but also with an elaborate veg and non-veg main course menus. I went for a Mai Tai Island Burger which had a chicken patty, Cho Cho Glaze and was served with Island Slaw and Spiced French Fries. This was actually a meal meant for two so I shared it with my wife and we were blown away by the wonderful flavors in the burger.

My friends tried Chilli Basa Ciabatta which had the grilled basa fish which was marinated with chill-lime, asian tartar sauce and served along with French fries. They said it was delightful and the taste was endearing!

It was a perfect night of tasting good cocktails, amazing food and lots of fun with friends at The Mai Tai Lounge in Orion Mall, Bangalore!


  1. Actor Javier Bardem once said, “I used to be a good party boy. I’m old. I’m an old man. You pay the consequences. I’m just fine with a couple of drinks, no more than that.” I think I have begun to think on those lines. I hardly venture out on weekdays for a drink. But last night was different.

    I heard of Mai Tai from my wife a couple of days ago and we felt it merited a visit. So what is Mai Tai?
    According to folklore (which is described in detail on the menu), the Trader Vic story of its invention is that the Trader (Victor J. Bergeron) created it one afternoon for some friends who were visiting from Tahiti. One of those friends, Carrie Guild, tasted it and cried out: “Maita’i roa ae!” (Literally “very good!”, figuratively “Out of this world! The Best!”) — hence the name. Ah! So that’s what it stands for and not “My Mother” 😛 Anyways, we settled in to a corner table facing the man-made lake at the Orion.

    Drinks and Food – Asked the steward for his reco and suggested the Tiki Bowl, a rum-based cocktail with Amaretto, a sweet, almond-flavoured, Italian liqueur. It was served in a bowl for two, had a distinct floral taste to it and was an instant hit. Now All the cocktails available here include rum. Sticking to the Trader Vic tradition!

    We ordered the Mai Tai Crispy Chicken, a round of Jalapeno Cheeseballs and some hot French Fries. There were a lot of beef options but my wife does not eat beef and she does not let me too due to my cholesterol levels. Bah! But I will try it the next time around.

    The chicken was crisp (as it should be, right?) but the cheeseballs left a lingering aftertaste that wasn’t too pleasant. The French Fries were French and Fried, I guess. It was good.

    Desserts – We had the Mai Tai special. While my wife felt the brownie was too hard, I found it satisfying. Now isn’t that the challenge with desserts? Different strokes for different folks, innit?

    Service – BRILLIANT! Let me narrate a small incident to highlight why I PERSONALLY think the service was excellent. I felt like having a smoke but I wasn’t carrying any. So I asked the steward if he could arrange for a pack of Navy Cut (isn’t that the only brand worth smoking?) Anyways, he said that their cigarette stock was yet to arrive. And I let it be. A little later, the Manager (great guy by the name, Prabhu) came round our table for feedback. My wife gave him feedback on the food, he went in (had a word with the chef, I assume) and came back and explained how they will try to plug that. As he was leaving, I asked him if he could get me some smokes. He enquired the brand that I would like and to my delight whipped up a new pack of Navy Cut from his pocket. He explained that this was his pack of fags and ws able to give it since I smoke the same thing. He also said he will add it to the final bill. Now here is the thing before you start thinking.

    Yes, this situation may not have arose if I smoked something else. He may not have offered the pack. Two, as all places do, he could have charged me a premium for the pack. But he just added Rs. 50 to the total. Just MRP! Great Stuff! Three, he may not repeat it all the time with me or others. But he did it the first time. And that is what counts. A small gesture but had a huge impact.

    Ambience – The place has seating overlooking the man-made lake while there is more private place available inside the lounge as well. They have tried to ensure a pretty Tahiti and thereabout region look to the whole place which is evident from their cocktail bowls, lighting etc.

    Prices – A for two cocktail bowl and a few finger food items along with a shared dessert will cost you Rs.2000. All their cocktails start from Rs. 450. If you are going in a group, try the cocktails in bowls. Economies of scale and hence they will cost lesser. A for two bowl will cost Rs. 750 and a for 4 will cost around Rs. 990 which works better.

    So I am old :p and don’t venture out too much. I am happy with my drinks and football at home but I think I am beginning to like this again. Go take a look at Mai Tai. Try some of their cocktails. Go ahead! Indulge!

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