August 2013


I’m sure most of you would have used many messaging services on your smart phones like BBM (Black Berry Messenger) for Black Berry phones, G Talk on Android or iPhone and of course WhatsApp which allowed you to seamlessly talk to anyone having the software installed on their smart phone irrespective of the operating system. But still there was a need for a messaging system which went way beyond the capabilities of the existing messaging services and allowed you to do more with your videos, voice than just text while chatting.

 Enter WeChat app – the new way to connect via voice, video and text! It is the choice of over 200 million people across the globe as it is available on the iPhone App Store, Google play, Windows Phone and even Symbian OS! It has many wonderful features like location based discovery of friends and having a timeline of pictures of yourself and your friends like Facebook which allows you to comment on all the pictures too.

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