June 2013


I was recently invited to Nokia Asha 311 Bloggers’ meet in Bangalore by Blogger’s Mind. I was wondering what is so special about the Nokia Asha phone that bloggers who use Smart Phones have been called to check out this features phone. So on a rainy afternoon I made my way to Vivanta by Taj at Trinity Circle on MG road in Bangalore. Surprisingly I was the first to arrive on the scene and no one arrived till sometime later due to heavy rains. Thus I got time to explore the Nokia Asha 311 phone on my own.

At first glance, Nokia Asha 311 has a clutter free display with full touch. It also seemed to be quite a robust phone with Corning Gorilla Glass. Surprisingly it didn’t seem like a features phone at all as it had so many apps which made it look and function like a smart phone. I was really impressed that Nokia Asha was able to give the features of a smart phone to a customer who wants these features but can’t afford to buy high-end smart phones! Where else can you find a 1 GHz processor in a features phone when even mid-level smart phones don’t have the same? Combine that with the Asha Smart UI, you know you got a killer product on your hands! Looks like Nokia really hit the jackpot with this phone!

Slowly bloggers started trickling into the meet as rain stopped outside and turned into a drizzle. No drizzle was going to keep away bloggers from checking out the Nokia Asha 311 and understanding its features well. We were greeted warmly by the Nokia team who urged us to have a working lunch while checking out the phone as it was already past lunch time. There was informal discussion around Nokia products like Lumia and Pureview but everybody was waiting to see what Nokia had up their sleeve with the Nokia Asha 311 phone! We were presented with just a single slider about all the features and specifications of Nokia Asha 311 which was a welcome relief from hundreds of slides generally presented by phone companies!

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