July 2012


One boring Friday evening I was wondering what to do when I got invited to the launch of Allen Solly store on 100 ft road in Indiranagar, Bangalore. What made the evening specially inviting is that Papa CJ was going to do stand-up comedy there! So my wife and I went to the wonderful new store of Allen Solly which was decked up for the launch and the show.

We explored the store before the show started. I really liked the way it was decorated very tastefully and had lot of interesting artifacts around the store. The lighting was very well done and it was very cozy like an old house.

In the casual section there were lot of varieties of denims both in terms of shirts and trousers too! The styling was very fresh and new in the market!

 I liked the way ‘Women’s Wear’ section was marked out and my wife had a wonderful time checking out and trying out many dresses and tops.

Each corner of the store was very special in the way it was decorated. I specially liked the following artifacts like old style sewing machine, picture frames, etc.

Also I liked the dummy fire place, portraits/frames wall and the tasteful decoration of each and every nook and corner of the store! Allen Solly made the shopping not just a chore but an entire experience!

 It was time for the show to start then and I was watching it initially from the 1st floor balcony of the store. Fever 104 FM RJ Danish Sait started the show on a hilarious note by telling localized jokes like ‘Gowda uncle’, ‘Yediyurappa’, etc. He set the right tone for Papa CJ’s jokes which were coming up next!

Papa CJ then came onto the stage to lots of cheers and claps. He had the audience in splits with lots of wonderful jokes not just about Indians but also about many other countries and cultures! My wife really enjoyed the jokes by Papa CJ though I felt he repeated most of the jokes from his earlier show in December for Black Dog whisky at City Bar. Nevertheless enjoyed the show as he picked on new people from the audience 🙂

The audience had a wonderful time at Allen Solly store launch in 100 ft road Indiranagar, Bangalore as world class comedy by Papa CJ was complimented with delightful spirits and yummy finger food in a perfect ambiance!

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