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As we are the top family travel bloggers in India, Dhempe’s Travel Blog was recently invited for a staycation at one of India’s best hotels, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre, which was recently refurbished entirely. This is a dual property in Hitech City which is spread over 15 acres.

We had a comfortable ride from the airport to the hotel which took around 45 minutes on a Friday afternoon. Best part is that due to the outer ring road, you can reach the hotel within 45 minutes to 1 hour anytime of the day.

Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre was one of the original pioneers of five-star hospitality in Hyderabad having opened more than 15 years back. The hotel now has new and contemporary designed rooms, vibrant restaurant upgrades, an elegant lobby and a spirited bar. We were welcomed very sweetly by the hotel tea with a wet towel, traditional teekha and some cool refreshing drink. 

We checked into our suite room which had a lot of wonderful surprises waiting for us. They were done in a contemporary fashion with lot of modern elements. The rooms are spacious and give out good vibes to relax and recoup.

The bed was really comfortable and had the best of the linen which was perfect for a good night of sleep!

I personally loved the eatable Instagram frame made for our welcome – a delicious almond sponge layered chocolate and coffee flavored french pastry!

I met the executive chef Gaurav Malhotra who treated us to some of the best savories of Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh along with Irani Chai! It was a really much required break after traveling from Bangalore.

Gaurav Malhotra, Executive Chef, said that the new restaurant Food Exchange will act as a hub for the coming together of conversations, specializations, food innovations and the celebration of multi cuisines. The venue offers a casually elegant dining experience with a progressive approach to food creation and beverage innovations. The outlet will also feature artisanal desserts, familiar comfort food and other treats, all curated for the modern diner’s palate.

We were part of the Seafood wave weekends which happens at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Center from Friday to Sunday, only for dinners, by the poolside. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of seafood which was there considering that Hyderabad is not close to the sea. I was told by the chefs that the fresh catch is flown in daily from Godavari belt and coastal Andhra.

Some of the seafood on display was king prawn, pink perch, tuna fish, red snapper, white pomfret, lady fish, mackerel, squid, baby octopus, mud crab, sea crab and Indian salmon. The ambiance created was like that of a seafood market, where you could choose the seafood you like and then it would be grilled according to the type of spices you like.

Some of the best dishes were sea crab, pomfret and prawns. Such world class sea food in Hyderabad was really a dream come true and kudos to Novotel chefs for the same!

We then went to The Bar for some cocktails while watching IPL matches. The bar has been given a more chic and contemporary feel, making for a cheerful ambiance. It has been transformed to target and attract the young crowd over weekends. Guests can look forward to innovative concepts and more interactive offerings.

Best part is that the bar has got license to officially be open till 3am every night! That’s much better than the night life of entire Bangalore! So it’s a great place to let you hair down after a long day and enjoy with friends and colleagues!

We had a great swim the next day and basically relaxed by the pool while enjoying some sumptuous breakfast from The Food Exchange. The outlet is characterized by a social and interactive atmosphere with flexible seating options offering indoor casual and poolside outdoor seating. Live kitchens and conversations with the chef make this venue interactive and flamboyant, with an emphasis on freshness, local ingredients and organic produce.

Food Exchange is bringing together food, culture and traditions from across the world and making your breakfast, lunch and dinner exciting! The bright colors on the walls are really welcoming and the seating space are also very well done. With regards to the food, you of course have all the best cuisines in the world like Italian, Oriental, etc but also local flavors from South India, specially Andhra Pradesh. The cold cuts section is really exhaustive and so is the desserts section. There are a lot of live stations which are present to create your customized food in buffets.

Food Exchange is an all-day dining and social hub for discerning palates. Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre seeks to further deepen its impact in Hyderabad with the newly curated gastronomy offerings at Food Exchange, strengthening its decade long positioning in the market. With both western and Pan Asian cuisine on the menu, Food Exchange is a modern interpretation of food markets found across the globe and is reminiscent of places where local people in-the-know go to dine.

Travelling with kids can be hard work, but the rewards of seeing their little faces light up and knowing they have made memories that will stay with them the rest of their lives makes it all worthwhile.

1. Paris, France

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We often think of Paris as a romantic getaway location, and not suitable for families and children. This couldn’t be further from the truth. France has something to offer everyone, food, fashion, history, and sports.

Take your kids for a walk along the river or take them to see the Eiffel Tower. If you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, try the Catacombs of Paris – an exciting adventure for children of all ages, but do book ahead as some bloggers describe waiting for up to two hours. Not ideal with small children.

2. Toronto, Canada

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Toronto is an amazing city full of activities that your kids will love and so will you. Visit the Royal Ontario Museum to learn all about Canada’s history, while your kids marvel at Dinosaur skeletons and colourful Native Canadian Headdresses.

You can journey south of the city to see Niagara Falls, a breath-taking site that your kids will surely remember. If you do take your kids to Canada, make sure they are reasonably well behaved as Ben Groundwater says that the one thing not to do in Canada is to be rude.

3. Kerala, India

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Visiting India is on many people’s bucket list, but it can seem like an impossible destination if you have a young family. The major cities are probably far too manic to take your kids to, but Kerala moves at a slower pace and is ideal for families. The national parks are recommended for families, as it’s incredible to see the looks on your kids’ faces when they first spot an elephant will provide a special moment.

4. London, England

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Visiting London will allow you and your family to explore hundreds of years of history and culture. The museums and monuments aren’t all stuffy and boring they are often fully immersive and tailored towards kids.

The Science Museum has a special section for children that contains interactive games and puzzles relating to its current exhibitions. Actors playing various historical characters bring to life The London Dungeon and immerse your kids in its history. Might be too scary for young kids.

5. Florida, USA

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Orlando, Florida may just be the place your kids want to visit the most. It is home to the world’s greatest theme parks, including Universal Studios, and Legoworld.

If theme parks aren’t for you, then Florida still has plenty to offer. Take them on an educational trip to the Kennedy Space Centre where they can experience the shuttle simulator. You could also take them to see the alligators at Everglades National Park.

6. Melbourne, Australia

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Australia is a fantastic place to visit and once your kids are old enough to handle the long flight it’s well worth taking them. If your kids love animals then Melbourne is the perfect location.

There are over 300 different animal species at Melbourne Zoo, particular highlights include the gorillas and the butterfly house. Head down to the Phillip Island Nature Park and witness the March of the Penguins, it will delight your kids.

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