July 2017


One of the most expansive and exciting food tours in Scotland is the Tasting Scotland tour in Fife County covering St.Andrews and Pittenweem. Founding direct of Tasting Scotland, Brenda Anderson conducts in this tour in the food kingdom of Fife. It starts with the visit to St.Andrews Farmhouse Cheese in Pittenweem. There we met Briony, who works with Jane Stewart, the owner in the production of the best local artisan cheese in Fife. We also did some local specialty Cheese Tasting.

Anster cheese is hand made on the farm – to a traditional recipe – by Jane Stewart, using unpasteurized milk from her husband Robert’s herd of home-bred Holstein Friesian cows. The cows graze all summer long on the lush pastures overlooking the May Island above the Fife fishing village of Anstruther (from which the cheese takes its name). Anster cheese is fresh and dry, with an almost crumbly texture, which dissolves in the mouth to leave a full-flavored finish. There was a viewing gallery where we looked straight into the cheese vat and observed the whole process – from milk, to curds and whey, to finished cheese ready for pressing.

We also visited one of Fife’s historic fishing villages and almost went down till the coast down a steep enclave. But it was so chilly and windy that we decided not to spend too much time outside and rushed back to more comforting climes! We also saw some Scottish cows which are known as the Highland Cattle. They have thick coat of fur to protect themselves from the cold climates which is there in Scotland most of the year.

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