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Luxury in the middle of nowhere – Pushkar Resorts, Rajasthan

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Whenever you hear of Pushkar, your mind automatically thinks about the famous Pushkar Camel Fair which happens in the months of October or November every year. Few people inclined towards mythology may also know that Pushkar has the only Brahma temple in the world. Other than that, Pushkar doesn’t seem to entice much interest in people. But did you know that it’s a wonderful hideaway from Jaipur and even Delhi?

Pushkar Resorts in Pushkar is just about 150 kms from Jaipur which is a short 2.5 hours drive on the 6 lane highway connecting Jaipur and Ajmer. This is National Highway 8 upon which you can cruise easily at over 120 KMPH and there are plethora of culinary options on the Highway where you can stop to try out some amazing Rajasthani & North Indian Cuisine. Kuber Resorts and Hotel Highway King are some of the more popular names.

When you plan to come to Pushkar Resorts, get a taxi from Jaipur which can take you on a sight-seeing trip of Ajmer specially the world famous Ajmer Sharif Dargah and the brahma temple/ sarovar in Pushkar. After a hectic half day trip of sight-seeing, you can retire at Pushkar Resorts just 5 kms off Pushkar as we did. What we instantly liked as we walked in was the massive swimming pool and the sprawling lawns in the property.

Pushkar Resorts is in the foothills of the Aravalli hills and has an area of more than 15 acres. Trivia hunters would be fascinated to know that the resort was actually constructed around ’98 as accommodation for a Hollywood movie set in Rajasthan! Hollywood celebrities like Harrison Ford and Kate Winslet have stayed here! The weather is most beautiful between the months of November to February when the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds and cool breezes all around make you chill out by the pool in the sprawling lawns.

What I loved instantly at the Pushkar Resorts was the natural beauty encompassing the entire place. Beautiful flowers which are very rare to be found across Rajasthan and India were very well maintained and they were beautifully entwined with the cottages and villas. There was also a badminton and volleyball court setup where guests could enjoy a game with their friends and families to have a relaxed frame of mind.

Beautiful private sit out areas were a part of each and every cottage and it was wonderful to see them surrounded by flowering plants and creepers. This gave a wonderful shade which allows you to enjoy in the resort even in the harshest of summers. Definitely Pushkar Resorts is an all year round destination!

Imagine on a wintry morning, you come out of your cottage and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea in the private sitout with a wonderful mist in the air. It is an amazing experience which should not be missed out! All the villas and cottages are tastefully decorated and I’m sure the management has taken personal interest in making the accommodation as well decorated as possible. Pushkar Resorts is definitely an abode of luxury in the middle of nowhere!

For those guests who don’t want to miss out on some recreation while vacationing, they can always go to the sports room and enjoy a game of snooker/billiards, carom board and even table tennis! So fitness is also taken care by both these indoor and outdoor games at the Pushkar Resorts.

Finally another thing which I felt very positive about Pushkar Resorts was the fact that they had small vegetable and fruits farm where they were growing produce which can be used for cooking inside the resort itself. This is a very good initiative as we got the freshest vegetables cooked in our food in every meal. We also noticed that many locals were employed in the resorts which gave employment to folks in that area too.

So don’t miss out on visiting Pushkar Resorts when you are around Ajmer or Jaipur and it might even be a long weekend visit from Delhi or Agra (just around 350kms on NH8 and NH11 respectively). Rest assured you can get some deals on the Sewara Hospitality site orย TripAdvisor.


  1. nice story, nice photograph as well. Good to see people visit that place. It is a nice place, especially outskirt of hustle bustle of the city. When I was there, I took a cycle from the resort and traveled far. Is Ashish still there?

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