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Slice of Rajasthan if you are in a hurry – Pushkar Resorts

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Recently on my trip to Jaipur, I was looking for nearby visits which are not more than 150-200kms around that area so that we don’t get stressed with the travel and still enjoy the vacation. I realized that Ajmer and Pushkar can be done within a day’s time where you visit the World famous Ajmer Sharif dargah which is flocked by people from all faiths and also the Brahma temple and Pushkar Sarovar in Pushkar. But then I was thinking it would be too stressful a journey so was looking forward to some good accommodation around Pushkar when I found out about Pushkar Resorts on social media!

The beautiful cottages at Pushkar Resorts which are adorned with flowering plants and creepers definitely interested me as I’m a nature lover. The serenity of the location along with wonderful weather during the winter months made me choose Pushkar Resorts as Sewara Hospitality is known for it’s world class service. The rooms were tastefully anointed with colorful paints and Rajasthani embroidery.

All the latest amenities are available in these cottages like air conditioning and even heater which is very much required in the winter months. Room service is quite efficient but as it is quite far away from civilization, it’s better to have emergency medicines available with you in case you require any. The mood of the lighting in the room is quite subdued and it is quite warm too.

If you feel hungry from your jaunts across the property, swim in the vast swimming pool or from playing outdoor/indoor games, you can head to the restaurant which is in a villa of it’s own. There is the best of North Indian food available to suit your taste buds and in case you request for it, you would even get some Rajasthani specialty dishes like Dal Bhati Choorma!

During day time, Pushkar Resorts arranges jaunts on Camel Carts to the desert area of Pushkar. Though this desert area is nowhere close to the real sand dunes of Jaisalmer, you get a taste of the desert quite close to Jaipur itself. You can get a feel of how your camel trip would be inside a real desert and ship of the desert can take you around quite fast in the terrain which it knows best!

As it was our first experience in a desert, we loved it a lot but do remember to hold onto your seats when taking a camel ride as they do move really fast! You do get an option of riding a camel too instead of a camel cart if you are feeling adventurous! If you are lucky, you might run into a local musician who will be sitting by the sand dunes and enticing you with a local folk song! We supported his enthusiasm and passion by tipping him generously!

During night time, in case of special weekends and upon request, Pushkar Resorts will arrange Rajasthani folk show which encompasses wonderful elements of the desert state which has haunted generations for centuries! You would be sitting around the fire enjoying few drinks and snacks as a Rajasthani folk dancer will adorn the gear of a horse and dance around to amazing dholak sounds!

You would also be invited to be a part of the celebrations by dancing along with the talented dancers who will teach you a couple of steps to shake your leg!

There would also be a puppet show set to live music which will enthrall not just the kids but also the adults who would be fascinated by the stories and contemporary messages these puppet shows convey!

Another very interesting act in this cultural show is the fire eater who actually starts his performance by dancing around with fire in his hands and shows off his skills to eat it and apply on his hands without any burns!

Fire eater then drinks some water laced with kerosene and blows into the fire sticks he is carrying to create wonderful bursts of fire! This was a very fascinating act and was applauded by all the guests. The entire cultural show was a wonderful glimpse into the Rajasthani culture.

As we retired for the night in our choice-fully decorated and well lit cottage, we felt mesmerized by the warm hospitality by everyone at Pushkar Resorts who made our visit very memorable and noteworthy.

You can follow Pushkar Resorts on Facebook or you can get latest updates on offers at Sewara Hospitality Blog. You can book accommodation at Pushkar Resorts or on TripAdvisor.

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