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Celebrating Golden Jubilee of Singapore with Singapore Tourism & Tigerair

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Having traveled to many countries like USA, England, Scotland, South Africa, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Thailand for travel and food blogging; I was looking forward to visiting the city-country Singapore. What better time to do it than during the 50th anniversary celebrations of “The Red Dot”! Thanks to Singapore Tourism Board & Tigerair, my dream of experiencing Singapore like a tourist and a local, is going to be true from 17th June to 21st June 2015!

The entire city-country is celebrating the Golden Jubilee this year, specifically this June. There are some very exciting deals on flights, hotels, restaurants and more. But it can get overwhelming sometimes to gather all the information. How do we go about getting the most accurate and verified information very quickly and at one place? is the site which comes to your rescue! It is one of the best tourism sites I have ever seen which gathers all the information required in one place. You have information on what to “See & Do”, “Festivals & Events” which might be happening when you are there, where to “Eat & Drink”, where to “Shop” & “Stay” and of course an entire section on “Know Singapore” before you arrive so you can familiarize yourself!

Being a foodie, I’m glad that my Singapore trip includes visits to some iconic Singapore restaurants like Sky on 57, Saha, Banana Apollo Leaf, Artichoke Cafe. I’m looking forward to trying out some Singaporean specialties like Chilli Crab, Fish Head Curry and Hainanese Chicken Rice!

On, you can also get quick information about apps which help you to get around Singapore quickly, Singapore Insider information and even Free shuttle information! This amount of detail helps you to plan your Singapore trip very well without getting confused.

Thank you to Singapore Tourism Board, and Tigerair for the amazingly well planed trip.. Look forward to live coverage on Dhempe at Twitter and Dhempe on Facebook along with Dhempe on Instagram..

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