May 2015


Bengaluru International Airport fondly called as the Kempegowda International Airport has become the hub of International travel in South India and slowly catching up to be in the top 5 in India. It’s wonderful to see that millions of foreigners also pass through this airport along with Indians and NRIs who travel abroad. Nuance Duty free store in Bengaluru International Airport showcases a touch of tradition along with best of duty free shopping for one of the busiest airports in South India!

The design you see in the above picture of the light is inspired by “Jhumka” (Ear Ring) worn by most Indian Traditional women, specially South Indians. It has got elegance and grace written all over it. I like the fact also that Top 10 items are placed at the starting of the store itself. It gives passengers who are in a hurry a quick chance to pick up the most in-demand merchandise.

The ceilings are nicely decorated with Rangolis (Kolams) which are mainly seen outside many traditional South Indian houses. This is a welcome change to many boring Duty free shops across the world which just focus on the product.

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