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Celebration of Ugadi at 100 Feet BBQ Lounge Koramangala

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On the eve of Ugadi on 21st March, the 100 Feet BBQ Lounge in De-Oriell Hotel at Koramangala ushered in Ugadi, the Karnataka New Year in a delightfully unique way on 20th March 2015. Possibly the first restaurant to celebrate the festival with the concept of fusion and cross-cultural entertainment, patrons had some unique offerings in store for them at the 100 Feet BBQ Lounge.

Beginning with the décor of the restaurant, traditional torans of mango leaves were set up around the seating and buffet areas to bring in the feel of the festive day. One of the highlights of the entertainment for the evening was a fusion of two dance forms – Salsa and Yakshagana. This was performed by a two artistes, one for each dance style / two-dancer groups for each dance style. The idea behind showcasing these two dance forms on a single platform was to show how each form, with its heavy make-up and costumes can still hold its own on an international cultural platform. This was followed by live song performance by noted Kannada playback singer Inchara Rao and Prajwal Pai. The songs were a mix of classic Kannada and Hindi classics.

What is a good celebration without some great food. An elaborate buffet was on offer with some of the festive classics like Obattu, Kosambari and Bevu-Bella included. The celebrations also included a cake cutting at the stroke of midnight to ring in the New Year.

Speaking on this unique celebration,  Mr.K.C Murali Krishna, Managing Director, De-Oriell Hotel said, “Ugadi is our new year which brings families together to celebrate the dawn of everything new. Therefore we decided to create something new in our celebratory offerings too and give families a unique experience with a unique new year eve celebrations”.

100 Feet BBQ Lounge,
De-Oriell Hotel,
No 45, 17th main, 100ft road,
Opp Shanthi Sagar, 4th Block,

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