November 4, 2014


Barbeque Nation, one of the most successful casual dining restaurant chains in India, recently partnered with UK’s Curry King Pat Chapman for a whole new Barbeque experience during Festive October month across the country of India. Pat Chapman’s effervescent 14 new marinades got introduced across the country and marked the entry of a completely new genre of barbequed food.

Patrick Lawrence Chapman, who amongst other numerous titles, has been called ‘The Ambassador of Indian Food’ and the ‘Curry Leader’ by renowned food reviewers in Britain, has also been credited by Daily Mail for ‘Baltifying Britain’ for his bestseller cookbook – the first among 36 recipe books penned down by him with cumulative sales topping 1.5 million copies. Pat was a regular guest chef on the QE2, the leading luxury liner, for many seasons, and the Hilton and the Taj. Such is his understanding of the nuances of spices that he has been called upon by the Government of India in Kerala, to lecture on spices!

We got a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with Pat Chapman and discuss about the balti cuisine in Britain and my trip to Great Britain for food blogging.

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