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Gastronomical delight at Banjara Melting Pot Bangalore

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Banjara Melting Pot is the fusion of two cordon bleu brands belonging to two equally vibrant cities – Mumbai and Bengaluru (Melting Pot and Banjara respectively). The delectable “Jugal-Bandi” of two Culinary Stalwarts from Bangalore and Mumbai (Mr.Prakash Shetty andZ Mr.Dhananjay Shetty) resulted in the birth of Banjara Melting Pot on Cunningham Road in Bangalore. Recently I was invited to a review there just before the re-launch event and Page 3 party. I must say I was really impressed by the decor and ambiance which reminded me of an oriental treasure trove!

We tried the best of the Coastal Cuisine in line with the authenticity and nutrition of regional cooking. Pan-aromatic Asian menu which has now become an essential ingredient in all sections of the culinary world and the exotic Thai and the mystic Oriental dishes were also available but we decided to save it for a later date. I liked the presentation of the menu on the iPads as it gives clear understanding of how each dish looks so that guests can make an informed decision before placing their orders. You could place the order directly from the iPads and this would be communicated wirelessly to the kitchen after your server confirms the same with you. This ensures that there is no ambiguity in the order!

Cocktails were one of the strengths of the bar at Banjara Melting Pot Bangalore and I enjoyed a variety of cocktails there which were vodka based, rum based and of course Mojitos and Margaritas! I would require a complete evening of just tasting Cocktails to completely enjoy their taste at Banjara!

One of the highlights of the evening was Murgh Lalwari Kabab. This was Chicken stuffed with spinach, cheese and garlic and marinated in special red tandoori masala. The presentation of the dish was wonderful as you can see in the picture below – the jug was like a mini tandoor inside which coals were kept and the Kabab was roasting over that. It was very well conceptualized by the chef!

We couldn’t get enough of Murgh Lalwari Kabab so we ordered for some more! In vegetarian starters, we had Paneer Ke Shikanje which is Cottage Cheese stuffed with green chutney marinated in chatpata masala with tomato and green pepper grilled with charcoal. Also we tried Chilly Basil Mushroom which is Button mushroom tossed with Burnt chilli sauce, Basil leaf and flavored with chilli garlic.

We were privileged to have the Vice President (Hospitality) at MRG Hospitality group himself join us for dinner. He was a delightful person who regaled us with amazing anecdotes about food from across India. We also had food pairing with Fratelli White and Red wine which were served along with the dishes. The entire team of Banjara melting pot like Shriraj Shetty, Arun Babu and the entire service staff were very courteous and friendly.

Prawns Ghee Roast was also one of the highlights for the non-vegetarians. This was king Prawns marinated in a special masala, Kashmiri chilli paste and then roasted with Desi Ghee. The mangalorean style preparation was excellent and paired well with some of the white wine which was served along with it.

In other sea food, we tried the Char Grilled Fish. This was fish marinated in special masala,herbs, lime and crushed black peppercorn, and char grilled in Tandoor. The succulent pieces of the fish just melted in our mouths! In main course, we tried Fish Ghassi which is fish cooked in a typical Mangalorean manner with a base of coconut and Chef’s special spices and masala. This was served with Neer Dosa, and other Indian Breads. This dish was breathtaking to say the least!

We had an interaction with Chef Chitaranjan of Banjara Melting Pot restaurant. He had just recently shifted to Bangalore from Mumbai and so got a fresh perspective of good quality food from the coastal restaurants there. He was able to explain to us the specialties of each of the dishes he had recommended. Though he was a bit shy, we knew he was really good with his recipes which delivered a perfect gastronomical experience for us!

There was a very Well equipped bar at Banjara Melting Pot restaurant. You could choose from their signature cocktails, international wine and the best of Single Malts.

In desserts, I loved the Tiramisu. As most of you know, it is a popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert. It is made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese, flavored with cocoa.

Cheese cake also was one of the best desserts at Banjara Melting Pot. As we all know, Cheesecake is a sweet dish consisting of one or more layers. The main, and thickest layer, consists of a mixture of soft, fresh cheese, eggs, and sugar; bottom layer often consists of a crust or base made from crushed cookies, pastry, or sponge cake. I enjoyed both the desserts thoroughly along with Kulfi too!

Banjara Melting Pot is conveniently located at Prestige CentrePoint, Cunningham Road with Valet Parking which alleviates all the parking hassles. It is like stepping into a totally quiet world compared to the noisy exterior of the road. I would suggest everyone to visit this place when near Cunningham road. Sometimes a trek down there would be really worth it for the gastronomical experience!

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