September 21, 2014


Banjara Melting Pot is the fusion of two cordon bleu brands belonging to two equally vibrant cities – Mumbai and Bengaluru (Melting Pot and Banjara respectively). The delectable “Jugal-Bandi” of two Culinary Stalwarts from Bangalore and Mumbai (Mr.Prakash Shetty andZ Mr.Dhananjay Shetty) resulted in the birth of Banjara Melting Pot on Cunningham Road in Bangalore. Recently I was invited to a review there just before the re-launch event and Page 3 party. I must say I was really impressed by the decor and ambiance which reminded me of an oriental treasure trove!

We tried the best of the Coastal Cuisine in line with the authenticity and nutrition of regional cooking. Pan-aromatic Asian menu which has now become an essential ingredient in all sections of the culinary world and the exotic Thai and the mystic Oriental dishes were also available but we decided to save it for a later date. I liked the presentation of the menu on the iPads as it gives clear understanding of how each dish looks so that guests can make an informed decision before placing their orders. You could place the order directly from the iPads and this would be communicated wirelessly to the kitchen after your server confirms the same with you. This ensures that there is no ambiguity in the order!

Cocktails were one of the strengths of the bar at Banjara Melting Pot Bangalore and I enjoyed a variety of cocktails there which were vodka based, rum based and of course Mojitos and Margaritas! I would require a complete evening of just tasting Cocktails to completely enjoy their taste at Banjara!

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