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Recently Indiblogger invited me to visit Univercell Sync store in Bangalore to experience the new place and share my views on the same. I was pleasantly surprised to walk into the Univercell Sync store in Indiranagar as it was very spic, span and spacious. It is just next to KFC junction on CMH road in Indiranagar so you can’t really miss it! It was also wonderful to see that customers were being able to experience the phones and tablets in a very casual manner rather than being restricted to see only dummy phones.

I loved the following quote on the wall at Univercell Sync which was “The future isn’t what it used to be and neither are you. Why just see, if you can do. Tomorrow is here, Tomorrow is you.” This was a wonderful line which encompasses the entire logic of Univercell Sync store which is to experience future hands-on as it is created by us the consumers, not companies!

We were fortunate to meet Soumya Menon who is the VP Brand Strategy of Univercell and who was very excited to meet the indibloggers and showcase their store’s USP to us. She started with the music section of the store where you get to experience the best speakers and headphones for your phones. Soumya was of the opinion that present headphones given with mobiles and tablets are not good enough to experience the real audio power of your devices. So it’s important to experience music in the way it is meant to be with Sony speakers and Beats headphones which ensures you a wonderful listening experience. She was mentioning that customers experience this zone and return to buy the speakers and other musical devices.

I experienced the music zone and would say that is a wonderful thought process by Univercell to incorporate this zone to make understand that our smartphones are not just good for apps but also for music. It’s important to experience this in the right format rather than get adjusted to the below-par musical experience we get via the regular headphones or loudspeaker mode. It was also nice to see music apps being featured here along with music accessories.

Another section which was very prominent in the store and was just next to the entrance was the New & Noteworthy section. This was featuring all the latest, most popular and most talked about phones and tablets in the market. This ensured that customers got quickly what they wanted when they got into the store rather than search for the popular products across the store. Very good idea, I must say!

In this age of selfies and instant photographs, how can they miss not having a section for photography enthusiasts? This section was a collection of the best photography enabled phones and a good mention of photography apps. This ensured that Univercell Sync store is not just a selling platform but also a sharing and community building platform for customers who were entering into the smartphone world for the first time.

There was also a printing zone where you could experience the best printers and perfect quality prints possible right now. It is one of the most essential zones right now for a family because right from the working parents to the studying children, everyone needs access to a good printer for their multiple needs.

I also liked the accessories zone which allowed me to mix and match different headphones for different phones and understand more about their features and specialties. It was also good to know that Univercell Sync has a Sync squad which enables customers to configure devices with other existing devices at home for a nominal fee. This is very good for non-tech-savy customers who want to experience the products. I would recommend Univercell Sync store to any customer who wants to enjoy his mobile and accessories buying experience rather than be dictated by the shop owners or distributors which is happening right now!

This post is written for the Univercell Sync contest on Indiblogger.

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