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Pizza Corner Party – experience a slice of life!

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Pizza Corner has always been about innovations and providing best quality pizza at value for money. So when recently they organized Pizza Corner Party contest on Twitter and invited tweeple to take part in it, we jumped at the opportunity and ensured we refreshed our knowledge of how Pizza originated and how it is prepared over a period of time. All the famous Bangalore tweeps and food bloggers were invited to be there for a surprise Pizza party and we were pleasantly surprised when we were told we would get to make our own pizzas too!

We made both Veg and Non-Veg pizzas with lots of topping and were guided very well by chefs from Pizza Corner. We were told how hygienically they maintain the kitchen, how to ensure we spread the sauce evenly, ensure toppings are spread out evenly and then how to load them onto the oven. It was a fun learning experience for all of our tweeps who were really excited to try out something like this for the first time! We made both Thin Crust and Cheese Burst pizzas according to everyone’s liking.

I made a Lamb Pepperoni Pizza with additional topping of Chicken pieces and loads and loads of cheese! It came out brilliantly well and I must say I was proud of myself for creating such a masterpiece! Now that Pizza Corner has come out with an Android app where ordering Pizza is just a click away, I think I will order my free pizza with that coupon code and ensure it is as good if not better than the pizza I made!

There is also another promotion going on. Pizza Corner has come out with a brand new dessert called the classic Apple Pie. All you have to do is walk into your nearest outlet, order the delicious new Apple Pie, and fill out a simple form expressing your love for Pizza Corner. The most creative response just might win you that romantic Club Mahindra holiday for two! Isn’t that exciting??!!

We created some mouth watering pizzas and devoured them with family and friends. Lot of customers who were not part of the Pizza Corner Party were curious to see this and made inquiries so that they can also enjoy this kind of experience. Pizza Corner mentioned they have lot of other interesting activities and contests for their fans coming up on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

The Bangalore Social Foodies including food and lifestyle bloggers like Nivedith, Aravind, Prateek, Nirav, Suman, Skanda, Rumana, Uma Kanth, Arjun, Deepa and me had a great time at Pizza Corner and we thank Media Moments for arranging this blogger meetup. Looking forward to enjoying more slices of life with delicious food at Pizza Corner!

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