December 27, 2013


Apigee, one of the leading API platform providers in the world conducted ‘Apithon’ – an exclusive hackathon for select ‘app’ developers from across the country in Bangalore. The 36 hour hackathon (December 13th to 15th) was aimed at promoting a new way of application development by engaging developers across South India to learn the new programming paradigm. The three day event witnessed active participation from some of the leading developer communities including BangaloreJS (Bangalore Javascript Community), Blrdroid (Bangalore Android Developer Group) and many more who came together to create effective and innovative applications and processes for the evolving digital landscape in India. The participants designed and shared ideas based on themes 3 Tier App and Mashup APIs.

3-Tier-App in mobile development is an alternate way to create the mobile stack. It is mainly focused on offloading data processing to a cloud infrastructure rather than the mobile itself. This saves the battery and computing power of the mobile. Mashup APIs leverage Apigee’s API platform to mashup different APIs in the cloud infrastructure itself instead of making multiple API calls from the mobile. Mobile app developers often have a need to expose their own APIs. Apigee’s platform provides a way to do that with minimal effort and zero cost. Both these themes are a proposal to architect the mobile stack in a different and efficient way, which is beneficial for both developers and end app users.

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