November 2013


Recently I was invited to Fava at UB city, by Four Seasons wines for an Indian Wine tasting session and pairing session. The event was organized very well by Ginger Claps and the host Kamakshi was very courteous. Our sommelier who introduced us to some wonderful Four Seasons wines was Mr. Amit Chavan of United Spirits. He initially dispelled some myths about wines like only white wine goes well with white meat and only red wine goes well with red meat. Amit mentioned to us that the balance between food and wine should be perfect, neither of them should over power the other! As a thumb rule, we should full bodies wine with heavy dishes, medium bodied wine with fuller dishes and light bodied wine with lighter dishes!

The Indian Wines from the Four Seasons stable which were served at the Wine Trail were Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc (White Wine), Four Seasons Viognier and Four Seasons Blush Rose (Rose Wine). My favorite was the White Wine which went well with spicy food like the Harissa Grilled Fish due to its crispy acidity and a bit of sweetness. It also tastes a bit like champagne and that’s why I like it more too. Few others preferred the Four Seasons Blush Rose which had a rose flavor. We also had a tasting of Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon which was left open in a decanter. With its woody flavour that comes from the oak barrels in which the wine is kept for several years, the taste was just getting accentuated!

For starters, we initially had the Chicken and Red Grape Salad with pepper and parley flavor. It was followed up with Plated Crabmeat Hummus. I enjoyed having the white wine Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc with these dishes!

For main course, there was Caramelized Onion Stuffed Chicken Breast which was by far the best dish on the table! I loved the sweet taste that the caramelized onions provided and it was a welcome relief from the spicy food that we Indians are mostly accustomed to. I loved the experimentation by the chef and even complimented them on the same! I was reminded of the Caramelized Onions that my mom made for egg curry! What a nostalgic feeling!

Then there was also the Harissa Grilled Fish which seemed to have less vegetables accompanying it. But I did like the spiciness and also the lemon on top of it really enhanced the taste of the wonderfully grilled fish! I enjoyed having the red wine Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon with it! To end it all, the desert was Turkish coffee & chocolate pudding. It was a perfect end to a wonderful Indian Wine tasting set up by Four Seasons Wines!

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