‘Launchpad’ by The Bombay Store to promote young brands and designers!

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‘Launchpad’ is an initiative by The Bombay Store to promote young brands and designers by showcasing their collections at select stores. This has been doing tremendously well. After the success of the  first phase in Mumbai with over 12 brands; they have decided to take this initiative one level up by taking it to Bangalore too!

The Bombay Store is passionate about new artists & innovative products. So they are giving talented designers or brands a chance to showcase their merchandise at their store at 1 MG Road Mall in Bangalore. This month, they have 2 brands that are being showcased at 1 MG Road Mall, Trinity Circle, Bangalore. They are ‘Manera‘ from 10th to 20th October and ‘Mystic Hues‘ from 23rd October to 3rd November. During the showcase, The Bombay Store promotes these young brands on Facebook, Twitter, their website, conduct in-store promotions and also send emailers to their entire database.

Instrumental in the launch of popular fashion and lifestyle brands like Tantra, Provogue, The Elephant Company and more, The Bombay Store is highly recommended by the Travelers’ guide “Lonely Planet” and rated as one of the best shopping destinations by Trip Advisor. The ‘Launchpad’ might spring you to success; so all you aspiring designers who want to leave a mark, just log on to the beautifully designed Facebook app here to get a chance to be part of the exclusive promotions!

Commenting on the main idea behind initiating Launchpad, Bejan Bharucha, President – Operations, The Bombay Store, said: “The main idea behind this activity is to give a platform to brands, young designers and artists to showcase their products to our clientele. This initiative has also given us an opportunity to find new talent and also offer something new to our customers. Even our customers are quite happy with this initiative.”

Speaking about the evolution of this initiative, Bharucha said: “We have given space to brands earlier too. This time we thought we should make this an initiative that gives everybody a chance to participate. In the near future, we want to take this initiative to the next level by organizing it at our other store locations.”

What is Manera?

Manera is the entity that allows Mansi Mehta to work with fabrics, that have always been the pride of India and revive the dying crafts of the artists and artisans. Each line/design evolves to a new and different outcome every time, owing to her journey which is influenced by her interactions that she has experienced from different parts of life. Manera is like a fabric where her designs are the ‘Warf’ and the artists/artisans are the ‘Wheft’.


MANERA is your destination for finding inspired creations and beautiful gifts.

Whats new in Manera?

Manera has quite recently ventured into Home Accessories. Mansi Mehta couldn’t contain her passion for the beautiful Indian textiles only to clothing, so she wanted to take it a step further. Her aim is to showcase the textiles and embroidery styles in everyday utilitarian products making them signature pieces in the form of wall frames, traditional trays, picture frames, key Holders and Exquisite Jewelry Boxes.


As a Designer/Artist, Mansi Mehta has always been passionate about art. Painting has been a hobby that was close to her since her childhood. As an artist she tried putting her thoughts, ideas and stories into Canvas. She has been painting professionally for over a year now and is loving every bit of it!!!! She would love to hear from you. Please email her at [email protected]

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