September 7, 2013


I’m sure most of the smart phone users in India who have a 3G connection use WhatsApp to speak to their friends across a multitude of devices having different operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry. But unfortunately WhatsApp hasn’t got a lot of new features since its inception compared to the competition in the market. So recently when I was browsing the Top Free apps on iOS store, I was surprised to see a new peer to peer messaging application called WeChat.

Once I installed WeChat on my android phone, I was trying to understand the features of the app. One disadvantage I felt about the WeChat application was that it was over 14MB in size compared to 11MB in size that WhatsApp is. But I guess if you look at the number of features it has, I think we can justify the file size considering that we have no constraint on space right now in this age of 32GB SD cards! I mean just have a look at the number of plug-ins which are available in WeChat to understand what I’m talking about. You will definitely say its worth every Mega Byte of the  14MB file size.

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