September 5, 2013



Been a while since I blogged as I have been very busy with a role change, company change and also a new member in my family! 🙂 My son Reyansh keeps me occupied along with my official and personal work now a days! Recently as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda I applied to review Mint-O Ultramintz by ITC. These are premium and powerful sugar-free mints – 60 extra strong pellets packed in a stylish black tin case. Each pellet is made from peppermint oils from France, finest quality menthol and are powered by special cooling compounds! I was really surprised when I received the package as it was packed in very nice way with a personalized sticker, tied up with a lace and looked very special and classy.


Price is very affordable at Rs.50 per box with each box having around 60 pellets. I think it’s really worth it considering the stylish packing and also the fact that they are sugar free mints so you don’t need to worry about putting on calories or cheating on your diet! The packing in a mini black light tin opaque box makes you feel important when you are carrying it around rather than a plastic or paper covering. A plastic shield also protects the mints from moist and dust. There is a small hole in the box which makes for easy dispensing of just 1 or 2 pellets at a time so that you can only take what you want and don’t waste any pellets.


I liked the way they are promoting the product on social media like Facebook by using the pellets as part of different themes. Also they are promoting a lot via hoardings and billboards around town. Target group of young IT and Banking professionals who like to have a cool mint after a smoke or just to relax, will enjoy this product a lot! It really refreshes you and cools you after a long hard day! It’s also very stylish which allows you to flaunt it to your friends and show off rather than buy very expensive american mints which are available in the market right now.


Ultramintz are neither too strong nor too mild. The product packaging and size is handy and attractive. But don’t have too many of those as you could numb your mouth for any other tastes and also it can act as a laxative. Have one or two pellets once few hours whenever you want to refresh yourself and you should be good! 🙂 Here is a promotional video of the Ultramintz:

I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda

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