How dhempe’s wife had him craving so he would get rid of his stubble!

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This post has been written by my wife Sunitha on my blog so that she could give some tips to women about how to get their husbands to lose their evening stubble; just the way she made me shave away my stubble!

“Since I started dating dhempe, he used to have an irritating stubble which he used to call as French Beard! He used to say that it adds a certain class and status to him. He would feel that it makes him looks thinner and also more smarter. He never used to maintain his French Beard too and would let his beard grow like a jungle unless his parents were visiting him or he was visiting my parents! His bewildered look in the following picture was how people reacted to him when they saw him with the unkempt beard!

When I told dhempe that his beard stubble doesn’t look nice and he needs to be clean shaven to look good, he couldn’t believe his ears! He felt as if he was very fashion conscious and knew all about styling! I told him to look at clean shaven and suave actors like Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan to see how he was wrong about stubble making him look cool! Dhempe wasn’t convinced and was quite agitated that he would have to lose his so-called wise beard! He felt he was like Samson from The Bible who lost his strength and life when his hair was cut! What hair was to Samson was the beard to dhempe!

I knew at that point that I had to make dhempe crave for me if I need to get him to shave off his stubble. I stopped meeting him, taking his calls, replying to his messages all the while making him realize that he needs to be clean shaven before he can meet me. He tried to give me a lot of reasons of how Amitabh Bachchan looks smart with a goatee, how Aamir Khan looked in Dil Chahta Hain; but nothing could convince me! I was adamant that its OK for him to have a beard while trekking but not when he is in civilization and has access to water to shave! He threatened to jump off the cliff when trekking but I knew he was just being lazy to shave so I didn’t budge from my stance!

Finally I gave a diktat to him that I will say yes to marriage with him and convince my parents only if he shaves daily and looks presentable not just to my family but to my friends too! I also told him that I will shower him with lots of hugs and kisses if he shaves daily and sports a clean shaven look! I also gave him a styling tip that if he sports a clean shaven look, he will look much younger than his colleagues and friends. I could also flaunt him around to my girl friends who will say ‘Neighbor’s Envy, Owner’s Pride!’ Finally dhempe took my advice and started shaving his daily stubble every evening. Things started looking up immediately for him – he met some international celebrities like Jonty Rhodes!

Our Wedding was in the evening and he ensured that he shaved off his 5 o’clock shadow beard that he started doing on a daily basis, so that he appears smart and cheerful in all the wedding pictures! His smart move to shave his stubble created wonderful memories of a lifetime through our wedding pictures!

Needless to say our honeymoon in Thailand was amazing as I showered dhempe with hugs and kisses and a lot more where the stubble was no longer the barrier for our love! I could see many women feeling jealous as I sauntered with my handsome hunk husband on the streets of Bangkok. I would love the smooth shave that dhempe got with his Gillette razor and would stroke his cheeks and chin to feel their smoothness which was like a baby’s bottom! Since then dhempe has been shaving regularly twice a day, not just to be ready for office during the mornings but also to be ready for wonderful evenings with me either at events or at home!”

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