November 2012


I am a sucker for a good joke. And if that joke is accompanied by alcohol and food, then it makes it even funnier. So Black Dog really knows where to put their money – on a comedy show featuring Ashwin Matthew and his accomplices. The evening was called Uncensored and Unleashed. So we were asked to leave our judgmental minds outside the venue. No better way to break the monotony of a weekday than to indulge in some whole hearted belly laughter! The venue was the lovely Ista, Bangalore. I arrived with a couple of friends and was given two options – just the show or hor d’oeuvres, drinks and the show. Of course we chose the latter. (It comes at an extra cost of course – but well worth it.)

We got busy sipping our cocktails and enjoying some lamb and chicken starters. We even tried our own standup comedy on the lovely terrace bar. (Sadly there were no takers!). Finally the show started, a good hour late. But I guess the guests who paid for the drinks and starter combo’s needed to get their money’s worth. We were ushered inside and settled down comfortably in a happy high. The stage for the entertainers was set.

First up was Praveen, who had us in splits over his references to the South Indian bias to the North and vice versa. Everything he said struck a chord with us Bangaloreans and we were ribbing each other and hooting our approval at his jokes. Some were definitely below the belt and had us rolling our eyes, but common … we are all adults here! Next came the Dirty Old Man. He he he , just a persona that Anil Abraham portrays to perfection. I guess age is not a barrier when it comes to pretty young things (not for the mind atleast!) The dirty old man unleashed his dirty mind. Sorry … he said that was OUR dirty mind… because we choose to see the ‘other’ side of the innuendo! We were all beet red in the face from laughing.

To ensure we went home with a good Abdominal Workout, Ashwin Matthew stepped in. He drew inspiration from his own family. Uncles, aunts, friends… even his mother and father were pulled into the fray. The Malayali’s in the audience didn’t know whether to run, or stay and laugh at their own clan! Ashwin (as warned) was the uncensored part of the show. Clearly this was an 18+ comedy! Right from men’s orgasm face to the problems that pubescent boys face in school – Ashwin bought it all down to ‘One Big Joke’. An eventful finish to the fun evening!

© Guest Writer: Swapna Venkatesh –

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