April 2012


The 2nd Signature After Match Party of the 2012 season happened on 10th April 2012 at Royal Challengers Lounge, ITC Gardenia hotel; after Kolkata Knight Riders convincingly outplayed Royal Challengers Bangalore in their first encounter this season. But it didn’t dampen the spirits of Bangaloreans as they came together to party mid-week; for they got invited to one of the most exclusive parties of the year – the Signature After Match Parties organized by Spiritz & More!

Around 9.30pm, most of the estemeed guests started trickling in after dressing up in their finest clothes and creating some wonderful fashion statements. Each of the guests were provided with a Spiritz & More card which was linked to their Facebook accounts so that they could directly update status messages about the fun they are having at the party, the cocktails they are drinking and basically make their friends jealous about them missing the most exclusive and high-profile party!

Some of the celebrities who were freely mingling with the guests were Kannada movie director Indrajit Lankesh, Kannada actress Ramya and fashion designer Prasad Bidappa. They were very friendly and cordial. No attitude or self pride like seen in many other celebrities.

The famous twins from MTV Roadies show – Nauman & Salman were also there. They were seen posing for pictures with their fans and also being clicked at the Spiritz & More Photo Booth from where fans could not only get a copy of their picture but also get the soft copy via email and get it directly posted on their Facebook wall too.

The bars were well stocked with not just the regular Signature Whisky but also the much more expensive and much sought-after Signature Rare Whisky blended with 8 year old Scotch. It was the perfect base for the Signature Cocktails for After Match Parties like Apple Hook and Jealous Maiden. Real apple fruit pieces in the Apple Hook cocktail gave the drink an interesting twist which was a pleasant surprise for many guests.

There was suddenly a lot of commotion near the entrance of the party. Any guesses why? No prizes for guessing that everybody’s favourite girls ‘The White Mischief Gals’ just entered the party! After having a hard day out there in the field where they supported Royal Challengers Bangalore for a lost cause, they wanted to unwind to some great music being played by DJ Akshay and DJ Clement. They also savored some of the Signature Cocktails which the bartender prepared specially for them to win some flying kisses! The White Mischief Gals were also very friendly with the guests in the party and posed naughtily with many of them which created wonderful memories for the guests.

One of the best emcees of Signature After Match Parties across India, Bangalore’s most famous fashion designer Prasad Bidappa took over the stage and invited everyone to have a seat to check out the beautiful collection of sarees and dresses designed by top Sri Lankan fashion designer Sonali Fernando. He asked everyone to give her a rousing applause befitting the hospitable nature of Bangalore which warmly embraces all cultures and styles of fashion!

Everybody’s favourite girls, the White Mischief Gals then stormed the stage and enthralled everyone with their amazing cheerleading sequence and sexy dance moves. They danced to some popular club anthems including World No.1 DJ David Guetta’s ‘Little Bad Girl’ which left the crowd in raptures and wanting for more!

The finale of the Signature After Match Party fashion show was showcasing the collection of India’s most upcoming fashion designer, who is also a proud Bangalorean – Nimirta Lalwani. Her collection of evening gowns, cocktail dresses and shorts were highly appreciated by the fashionable crowd present at the party. I could see some people talking to Nimirta after the show to understand how they could buy her dresses which not only look good on the ramp but can also sizzle any party.

Just as Bidappa announced the end of the fashion show and was throwing the dance floor open, something happened which set the party alight! It was the entry of none other than the King Khan himself – Shahrukh Khan, the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders! Buyoed by his team’s first win this season, he joined RCB’s Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, Dilshan & KKR’s Bret Lee, Jacque Kallis on the stage to show them his moves on his biggest dance hit ‘Chammak Challo’ which blew the roof of the party! Bangaloreans jostled among themselves to get a glimpse of SRK dancing to amazing bollywood music and considered themselves lucky to be the among privileged few to watch this.

After SRK & most of the cricketers made a hurried exit, DJ Akshay and DJ Clement continued to spin popular Electronic Dance Music to get Bangaloreans dancing to their tunes. RCB’s big hitter Chris Gayle also tried his hand at spinning on the DJ console and showed off his impeccable taste in music.

Gayle and Virat Kohli swayed down the ramp which made most of the ladies swoon over them. It was an amazing night which went into the wee hours of the morning and nobody seemed to mind the fact that it was mid-week as it was a wonderful party with a lot of glitz and glamour!

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