September 2011


I love parties – not just attending them but also organizing them and hosting them. Having arranged some of the biggest tweetups in Bangalore where over 120 people each time met celebrated author Guy Kawasaki, author and politican Shashi Tharoor, IPL chairman Lalit Modi and the entire Royal Challengers Bangalore cricket team; I know the pulse of people and understand what kind of interaction they want from thei idols and heroes. I also love playing the host to charity events like Twestivals that we have organized over the last 3 years in Bangalore, where we raised over Rs.3 lakhs for charity via great support from brands and music bands.

So when ‘The Coolest Job‘ campaign was launched on Facebook and there  was an opportunity to host and attend parties for a beverage company (and get paid for it too!), lot of my friends felt that this job was right up my sleeve so they recommended me to check it out and apply for the same. I was skeptical at first as I thought it would take away time from my regular job but when I realized that this can be done during my after-work hours, I was really impressed and thought it was worth the shot. So I created my coolest job profile and I got some amazing votes and recommendations from friends all over the place!


When the brand behind ‘The Coolest Job’ was revealed to be Miller High Life beer, I was really excited as I wanted to taste the new beer from SAB Miller, having heard a lot about ‘the champagene of beers’!  I had been lucky enough to receive a rare invitation through Miller High Life’s hunt for an official party blogger – thanks for selecting me out of the competing crowd. No need to tell me twice: Full spirit I hopped into the next flight from Bangalore to Mumbai and bing – was there in a true combination of Work Hard (….tweeting and blogging) and Party Hard (… enjoying my Miller High Life beer)


Just as the party was going to start, I could see Miller High Life beer being stacked up and filled into the freezers at the Blue Frog. The evening was very promising as there was an invitation to the créme-de-la-créme of Bombay to party it up with Dualist Inquiry, The Electroverts and the indomitable duo of Dale Anderson & Anil Chawla. As the special invitees started trickling in, they were greeeted by the chilled Miller High Life beer which made them forget the Maniac Monday blues that any of them were having. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian starters from the prize winning kitchen of Blue Frog supplemented the Miller High Life beer in a perfect manner which made all the invitees having a true Miller Time after a long day at work and enjoying the dance floor.


A cool Miller High Life Apple iPad game was also showcased there: you needed to balance ‘Work Hard, Party Hard’ with your physics – those with the wildest swinging moves really needed a ‘Work Hard, Party Hard’ life balance! – Stay tuned here as I will report its official iTunes store release.

Back inside on the Blue Frog stage, first up was Dualist Inquiry (Sahej Bakshi) who was playing amazing tracks on his guitar and synching it up with few tracks that he was also DJ’ng. This got the party crowd moving and they moved onto the huge dance floor of Blue Frog and aided with the energy they got through drinking Miller High Life beer, they set the dance floor on fire! Next up were the sexy female DJ duo who call themselves the The Electroverts. They increased the temperature of the party not just with their hot tracks but also with their hot dance moves. You can see a video of The Electroverts performance here:

As the party heated up, people gulped down more of the cool and chilled Miller High Life beer to keep themselves refreshed. The final act of the night was by Dale Anderson and Anil Chawla who kept the party goers on their toes and dancing way into the wee hours of the morning! This video of the DJ performances at Miller High Life beer launch is an interesting watch!

Everybody loved the new beer, enjoyed the music acts and danced like there was no tomorrow!

I had a great time at the Miller High Life beer launch at Blue Frog in Bombay and was able to network with a lot of people there too and get their opinion about the beer. Most people loved the beer and said it would be great to have the beer available throughout the country as soon as possible. I think having covered a great launch party in Bombay on my twitter and facebook, and getting amazing responses from all over the country, I think I deserve this coolest job! I’m now looking forward to the launch in Bangalore and would love to host that party too!

Photo Credits – Naina Redhu and Hrish Dhempe Thota

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