July 2010


I have enjoyed some really cool parties thanks to Foster’s Art of Chilling over the last few weeks but never ‘dreamt’ (I was seeing Inception of course!) that the chilling aspect will be extended to even movie-watching! I participated in the contest on Foster’s Facebook page by uploading the best ‘F’ picture I could spot around me & was pleasantly surprised when I was told that I won 2 tickets to watch ‘Inception’ on 17th Jul 2010 in Bangalore! 🙂

I got delayed to the show and had to hurry to the hall. The people from Foster’s, including a guy named Bansi, were present at the INOX entrance itself only for me, and warmly welcomed me! They gave me my tickets, escorted me to the hall where the movie was playing and even guided us to our seats in the F-row! Very royal treatment indeed 🙂 They also gave us a foster’s kit which included 2 face wipes, 1 bottle opener and a stress ball. I was instantly feeling like I was sitting at home and all my tension of missing the movie, had vanished!

Inception was excellent and really enjoyed the twists and turns in the movie. During the interval, I had the chance to try out the foot massager in the Foster’s lounge area which was exclusively for us in the F-row! I relaxed sitting in the easy chair, listening to music and getting my feet massaged by the foot massager. Enjoyed the entire movie watching experience and really hoping to go there sometime soon again 🙂 If you want to win this experience too, check out this contest! All the best 🙂

Pictures of the chilled out experience (click on them to see a larger version of the same):

dhempe relaxing & listening to musicFoster's Kit

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