June 2010


Foster’s Art of Chilling Party in Bangalore held on 20th Jun 2010 was one of the most anticipated parties of the season. It was one exclusive party where everyone who is anyone wanted to be present. Lot of people wanted the passes but very few lucky people got it.. and what a time they had! On a sultry afternoon, there was bucket loads of Foster’s beer, platefuls of yum BBQ & even coconut water to chill everyone off! And if someone wanted to chill out even more, they could always take a dip in the swimming pool!

The DJ was rocking the show with some wonderful techno beats, house numbers and also hip-hop numbers. He had a guitar connected to the console with which he was able to create some really wonderful sounds which pepped up the mood of everyone present there!

The crowd which consisted of some of the most happening party people in Bangalore, rocked the afternoon away by

mingling with lot of wonderful people and dancing away to glory with loads of Foster’s and cool drinks to keep them company!

The AOC party which was held at Ivy Unwind Island in Marathahalli, Bangalore was one of the most successful and happening parties of recent times & people just couldn’t get enough of the fun! They gorged on the BBQ treats like lamb, chicken kebabs and there was variety for vegetarians too!

More Foster’s Art of Chilling party pics available here!

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