August 2009


I was at ‘Cut it short’ Hyderabad short film festival last weekend (23rd of August) and covered it live on my twitter. I’m reproducing those tweets here for benefit of people who missed it, and for long term storage 🙂

(in chronological order)

  • Hyderabad short film fest #hsff organized very well at the prasad preview theatre by cinephiles. Worldclass thtr.
  • first up is CLASH a short on college gang wars. Reminds me of rgv’s blog
  • 2nd short is ‘eve’s letter to adam’ about woman’s side on sexual harassment
  • nxt up is ‘shor’ – 3 friends and a bomb! Set in mumbai local trains.
  • SHOR is interesting mumbai slum style shrt abt 3frnds trying to blast a bomb to prove that the RDX is good 🙂 fun!
  • just realized why SHOR is so gud – directrd by directors of 99. No wonder its so well made 🙂
  • short playing now is ‘closed doors’ by entertainment.
  • ‘closed doors’ has non linear track. Good attempt by the rookie directors.
  • very sensitive short film JASMINE abt how a 10yr old who was playing wid her friends, can’t go to school as she is flwr sellr 🙁
  • I liked the analogy of showing a jasmine flower being crushed by bike and the girl selling jasmines’ dreams being crushed
  • neelakanta director of telugu parallel movies like show, missamma, mr.medhavi talking abt how he took up filmmaking
  • neelakanta has offered to help aspiring filmmakers by getting in touch wid him through cinephiles. Nice gesture 🙂
  • ramana gogula the maverick music directr talking abt him being a live musician first, and then getting into films. He was in sybase!
  • just met with @rishabhkaul’s mom who helpd in getting this wonderful venue. Miss u rishabh at this event 🙁
  • Ramana gogula talked abt how he met a girl called ‘lovely dylan’ in US on whm the song ‘ye pilla nee peru lovely’ in Tammudu was based
  • awesome quote by ramana gogula ‘ I hate the music that most people love’ 🙂
  • rahul nambiar talking abt how the best visual effects are what go unnoticed, and have human emotion in it. Well said.
  • nice quote saying its not imprtnt to know software but use ur imagination and creativeness to use the software
  • rahul nambiar honest to admit that they copied the drum special effects sequence in ARUNDHATI movie as he cudnt help it
  • demo of special effects by pixelloid for the telugu movie ‘oy’ @crhemanth shocked to see how most scenes had spcl effcts! 🙂
  • pixelloid talking abt how accident scene of a merc was recreated in the movie ‘nenu meeku telusa’ mind blowing!!!
  • pixelloid talking abt how telugu and indian directors don’t give time for postproduction which reduces quality
  • short films shown at cannes being shown right now! 1st up is ‘birju’ abt a 5yr old discvrng lot of sights n sounds in small town
  • special thanks to vlc media player for being able to play any kind of format films 😉 it got a lot of mileage here :))
  • nxt film ‘A silent plea’ is abt a kathakali dancer in kerala’s turmoil when his son decides to go to US rathr than continue the tradition. Well actd!
  • nice marathi short abt a kid and his elder sis who wants to study after 12th std but father doesn’t allow her. Kid’s perspctv.
  • short film on a muslim woman in search of her husband who is later revealed to hav been killed in riots, through a policeman’s acct
  • thanks to the wonderful organization by all 🙂
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