Oktoberfest and Beer Challenge at The United Sports Bar & Grill

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The United Sports Bar & Grill celebrated Oktoberfest with a difference by introducing fun filled Oktoberfest Games, special German inspired menu, themed décor and much more. In food, we could indulge in tarts, sauerbraten, Bavarian meat balls among others. The Oktoberfest menu gave us the German kick adding to the celebrations!

Oktoberfest Menu at The United Sports Bar and Grill

My partner-in-crime Nivedith Gajapathy and I did the video review of the Oktoberfest menu at The United Sports Bar & Grill thanks to towntrendz.com team. Here is the video.. if you want to just read more details, you can read the blog post below!

We also took the Beer Bong Challenge and had a chat with the Manager and Chef of The United Sports Bar & Grill about the Oktoberfest celebrations. Please see the video here.


burrp! brewery tour for Oktoberfest at 3 Monkeys Brew Pub

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Thanks to burrp! Bangalore team, recently visited the 3 Monkeys Brew Pub in Gopalan Signature Mall on Old Madras Road which is arguably the biggest brewery in town with a huge island bar inside which the brewing also happens! We visited just in time for the Oktoberfest celebrations where they had on tap 7 handcrafted beers with amazing menu which transported us back to Germany itself!

3 Monkeys Brew Pub

Initially we were explained the process of beer making or the Brewing with malted Barley, Hops and Yeast. It was informative session where we got hands on experience of how Bangalore’s biggest brewery makes its beers in full view of it’s patrons!

Beer Brewing Process

Brew-master Martin explained to us the entire process of making beer at the brewery and how they have 7 different handcrafted beers on tap all the time! For Oktoberfest at 3 Monkeys Brew pub, the official beer was the Doppelbock which is one of Germany’s most popular beers. It is high on alcohol content as much as permissible by Indian government regulations and is loaded with the goodness of malt. Many Germans consider Doppelbock beer as a meal in itself!

Martin explaining brewing process


Gastronomical delight at Banjara Melting Pot Bangalore

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Banjara Melting Pot is the fusion of two cordon bleu brands belonging to two equally vibrant cities – Mumbai and Bengaluru (Melting Pot and Banjara respectively). The delectable “Jugal-Bandi” of two Culinary Stalwarts from Bangalore and Mumbai (Mr.Prakash Shetty andZ Mr.Dhananjay Shetty) resulted in the birth of Banjara Melting Pot on Cunningham Road in Bangalore. Recently I was invited to a review there just before the re-launch event and Page 3 party. I must say I was really impressed by the decor and ambiance which reminded me of an oriental treasure trove!

We tried the best of the Coastal Cuisine in line with the authenticity and nutrition of regional cooking. Pan-aromatic Asian menu which has now become an essential ingredient in all sections of the culinary world and the exotic Thai and the mystic Oriental dishes were also available but we decided to save it for a later date. I liked the presentation of the menu on the iPads as it gives clear understanding of how each dish looks so that guests can make an informed decision before placing their orders. You could place the order directly from the iPads and this would be communicated wirelessly to the kitchen after your server confirms the same with you. This ensures that there is no ambiguity in the order!

Cocktails were one of the strengths of the bar at Banjara Melting Pot Bangalore and I enjoyed a variety of cocktails there which were vodka based, rum based and of course Mojitos and Margaritas! I would require a complete evening of just tasting Cocktails to completely enjoy their taste at Banjara!


Best Brews and The Eatery at Four Points by Sheraton, Whitefield, Bengaluru

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2 of the best unwinding options in Whitefield area of Bengaluru are the Best Brews lounge and The Eatery restaurant at Four Points by Sheraton Whitefield Bengaluru. Best brews reminded me of Old Bangalore due to it’s decor which has been inspired by The Bangalore Club in the 1960s and 1970s. The recreation of how socialite parties used to happen then including a variety of section of people was well depicted on the walls of Best Brews lounge.

Each wall is dedicated to a special memory of Bengaluru like Transport in Bangalore in the 1970s or People in Bangalore in the 1970s. The team has painstakingly collected some wonderful memories of Bangalore or got them recreated them via talented artists to give feel of Bangalore of 1960s and 70s to visitors to the city or people who grew up here as well!

At the start of the Beer Master Class at the Signature Best Brews bar, Anjali Mehra, Assistant Director – Marketing & Communications, South Asia for Starwood Hotels and Resorts introduced us to the team behind the successful creation of Four Points by Sheraton Whitefield Bengaluru and of course Chef Michael Swamy and Karl the bartender.


Oasis in a concrete jungle – Four Points by Sheraton Bengaluru, Whitefield

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Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide recently announced the debut of its rapidly expanding Four Points by Sheraton brand in Bengaluru, with the opening of the Four Points by Sheraton Bengaluru Whitefield. Re-branded after extensive renovation, the hotel is managed by Starwood Hotels and owned by Savannah Hotels Private Limited. Located on the main Whitefield road in the city’s technology hub, Four Points by Sheraton Bengaluru Whitefield is within easy reach from major IT companies as well as the commercial, shopping and entertainment center of this emerging and fast growing micro-market.

I loved the fact that the room is designed with decor which reminds you of South India especially the ruins of Hampi and Karnataka. The management team has commissioned a young artist from Bangalore who converted his pictures of the Karnataka heritage into wonderful wall scaping and posters which adorn all parts of the hotel.

Upon check-in to my room, was pleasantly surprised to see a personal note from Mr.Rajesh Malliya, the general manager of Four Points by Sheraton Whitefield, himself. It was great to know that Mr.Rajesh Malliya has over 19 years of experience in the hospitality industry with close to 10 years experience in Starwood hotels like Le Royal Meridien, The Westin and Sheraton. The note was warmly genuine and personalized which heralded the pleasant stay at the hotel.


Mahindra Reva presents Mahindra Racing in Formula E

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Recently I got an invite to a Mahindra Reva event where they were showcasing the live screening of Mahindra Racing’s debut in the first ever Formula E (Electronic Car) racing event in the world! This happened at the swanky new Indigo Live Music Bar in Koramangala in Bangalore. I was really curious about the event as I wondered how Electronic cars could take part in a adrenaline pumped racing like Formula championships.

When I went to the event, the cutouts of Indian racing driver Karun Chandhok and Brazilian racing driver Bruno Senna (nephew of legendary Ayrton Senna) were smiling at me as they were the flagship drivers of Mahindra Racing in the inaugural Formula E racing championship in Beijing, China. There was a selfie corner where people could imagine themselves as the 3rd Mahindra racing driver and pose with Karun and Bruno.

The screening organized by Mahindra Reva to support Mahindra Racing team in Formula E was a big success as there were Reva car owners from across Bangalore who were present with their families and shared their excitement about driving the future rather than worry about destroying fossil fuels. Everybody enjoyed the race with lip smacking food from Indigo Live Music bar which also dished out amazing drinks for a hot afternoon. The cool breeze on the terrace kept everyone going!


Enjoy The Original Lipsmackers at Chili’s Grill & Bar

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When Chili’s Grill & Bar started operations way back in 1975 in Texas, USA, they did so with just 11 dishes & drinks whose popularity grew to such an extent that the brand managed to carve the initial footprints in the casual dining space of the country and subsequently the international market. Starting 15th July 2014, Chili’s Grill & Bar bought back the original lipsmackers in the form of a Limited Time Offer (LTO) across all their outlets in Bangalore (Orion & Phoenix Market city), Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad. I was lucky to be part of the bloggers table which happened there to taste these items on the menu.

My favorite on the original Chili’s menu was the Chili’s Pie which is made with buffalo meat and contains chili, cheese, onion, tostada chips, home made pico de gallo and jalapenos). I could taste a part of history which was being made way back in 1975 when Chili’s was just finding it’s feet on the ground!

Looking at the regular menu, I ordered the trademark non-vegetarian appetizer called “Wings over Buffalo”. This was Chicken drumettes and winglets tossed in tangy & spicy Buffalo wing sauce. It is served with cool ranch dressing. I loved the spiciness of these Wings which was quite similar to what we have in South India!


Sync up your digital life at Univercell Sync store

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Recently Indiblogger invited me to visit Univercell Sync store in Bangalore to experience the new place and share my views on the same. I was pleasantly surprised to walk into the Univercell Sync store in Indiranagar as it was very spic, span and spacious. It is just next to KFC junction on CMH road in Indiranagar so you can’t really miss it! It was also wonderful to see that customers were being able to experience the phones and tablets in a very casual manner rather than being restricted to see only dummy phones.

I loved the following quote on the wall at Univercell Sync which was “The future isn’t what it used to be and neither are you. Why just see, if you can do. Tomorrow is here, Tomorrow is you.” This was a wonderful line which encompasses the entire logic of Univercell Sync store which is to experience future hands-on as it is created by us the consumers, not companies!

We were fortunate to meet Soumya Menon who is the VP Brand Strategy of Univercell and who was very excited to meet the indibloggers and showcase their store’s USP to us. She started with the music section of the store where you get to experience the best speakers and headphones for your phones. Soumya was of the opinion that present headphones given with mobiles and tablets are not good enough to experience the real audio power of your devices. So it’s important to experience music in the way it is meant to be with Sony speakers and Beats headphones which ensures you a wonderful listening experience. She was mentioning that customers experience this zone and return to buy the speakers and other musical devices.


A memorable family outing in the Coorg District…

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Located amidst the forest area, Coorg District in Karnataka, is my favorite destination to be in touch with the nature. It is a common tourist attraction, famous for coffee and ethnic warrior people. There’s a lovely temple near the river bank dedicated to Lord Brahma, which is worth a visit for it’s spiritual attraction.

For me this holiday was a special one as I finally took time off from my busy schedule to be with my family. My wife and I were always fond of exploring the forests. With Coorg Resort as an ideal destination, you can enjoy being in the forest as well as relax in a luxurious resort and get the free time to play with your kid and teach him about the wonders of the nature.

Interestingly, this vacation taught me a lot about being a responsible parent. Coorg district has plenty of resorts and we chose to stay at the Orange Country Coorg resort where you can isolate yourself from the society and indulge in the romantic getaway. My son wanted to go out and see the wildlife in the jungle. However, I was fearful for him getting affected by the diseases caused by the harmful mosquito bites. You can never say anything about the health and hygiene of a particular place, especially when the environment is new and open. Everday, the newspaper reports stories of people dying due to Malaria, Dengue, Chikungnya . My kid was insisting me to go and explore the natural vegetation in the forest, but I was unsure about the plan, but nevertheless, I also didn’t want to spoil his enthusiastic spirit. My wife suggested that I should go and ask the resort guy about the safety measures to undertake while exploring out in the open forest.

The resort guide was very polite and helpful. Looked like a well qualified individual from some Hotel Management course, he instructed us to spray an insect repellent before venturing out in the forest. Honestly, I had not used an insect repellent before, so I was unsure about its performance. I read the details on the repellent and the insect repellent factor indicated that the product gives the protection for up to 8 hours from mosquitos and it can be used by adults and children below the age of 3 years.

I became a little confident upon using the repellent which was named as Jungle Formula. After that my son and I went out to see what was stored in the jungle, whereas my wife wanted some time alone, as she was engrossed in reading a book on Human Psychology. I felt really proud as a father to take him out in the jungle. He was mesmerized to see dense wooden forest and we also spotted a deer from a distance. I was lucky enough to take a photograph of the deer.

When returning back to the resort, I inquired about the insect repellent which the resort guys were using. It was a Deet based mosquito repellent, meant for the purpose of lowering the risk of getting exposed to the harmful insect bite. I had immediately bought two bottles for the future.

We had sprayed the repellent to be protected in the outside area. The next day was spent in exploring the wonderful temple of the Coorg District. It gave me such positivity to be around with nature, family and among the old temples of India. But as they say all good things must come to an end. Our two-three days vacation also ended, on a simple and subtle note. My kid learnt so many things about the nature, wildlife and the history of India, which could be interesting to a kid only when he/she explores the beautiful world outside. He has also learnt to take care of himself. Now he understands the importance of carrying a first aid box and insect repellent on a vacation. It is simply the small and subtle things of life which can help us grow and realize that the ultimate wealth of life is – Good Health.

#FightAgainstMosquitoes and do your bit in saving yourself from the harmful diseases. Don’t take life for granted because prevention is always better than the cure. Enough said. Now I am back to work with a new energy and love for life.

Stay United at The United Sports Bar and Grill Bangalore

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The United Sports Bar and Grill which has newly opened in the premium mall of Bangalore, Phoenix Market City, Whitefield is a great place for friends and family to unite, have fun and to enjoy the best of sports. It’s a full service, casual all-day dining bar that predominantly features multi cuisine to suit the taste buds of diners across the region. It is a place for like-minded individuals to gather and cheer for their favorite teams, share a smile and swear over winning or losing!

The United Sports Bar and Grill, a 136 seater is a treat for all Sport fanatics. The place comes alive during a match where the fans scream their lungs out in support of their favorite teams. Key design features of the outlet includes Community Table, Stick of Fame, Pool Table and Giant projector screen.

I liked the concept of the Community Table as can be seen in the above picture. It is a seating area which has a direct view to the giant projector screens. It’s a perfect setting to enjoy a great game with friends. The live telecast of some of the biggest sporting events happens on the giant projector screen which is the biggest and widest projector screen in Bangalore!


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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace