Xiaomi phone patent issues – Is Huawei Honor a way to go?

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Why buy Xiaomi [Mi Phones] with a bundle of issues from patent to after sale services and no clear long-term plans for India market – Is Huawei Honor a way to go ?

Over past couple of years we’ve seen that Samsung and Apple are getting replaced by users as their preferred choice of Smartphones. We have been getting some really good companies entering the Indian market providing best of features at competitive prices. Some of these companies are Huawei, Xiaomi, One Plus, etc.

But the latest issue that has sent shivers down our spine is the ban on Xiaomi phones. Ericsson has sued Xiaomi for infringement of Standard Essential Patents (SEP) and Delhi High Court has upheld this by banning sale of Xiaomi phones in India which the company has duly complied by. Some of the patents that were infringed by Xiaomi relate to 3G, EDGE and AMR technologies.

Today Xiaomi Gets Temporary Relief, but is this what an Indian customer wants? Shouldn’t Indian customers look for long term companies for their personal devices such as Smart phones?

I did a bit of research regarding this and realised that similar situations were prevalent in China too where Xiaomi had infringed various patents of Huawei on 4G but Huawei didn’t take any legal action against them. Huawei is the no. 1 telecom company in the world & they have cross-patent licensing with various businesses across the globe.

Huawei being Top 3 Global Smartphone player after Samsung and Apple ensured that they didn’t infringe any patents from any players and now they are in a good position in India with Honor range of smartphones like Honor 6 and Honor Holly available on Flipkart.

I think Xiaomi should take a leaf from Huawei’s book and fix their patent issues quickly and smartly and not just provide Temporary Relief for Indian customers. With so many great phones coming into India, we can only wish that Xiaomi can compete with Huawei Honor smartphones.

If the ASUS Zenfone was my best friend, here’s how he would be handy!

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Who wouldn’t have heard of ASUS? It is one of the top-three consumer notebook vendors worldwide and makers of the world’s best-selling, most award-winning, motherboards. It has designed and manufactured products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s digital home and office, with a broad portfolio. ASUS has won over 4000 awards in 2013 and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with its Eee PC™. ASUS has more than 12,500 employees around the globe with a world-class R&D team of 3,800 engineers. The company revenue for 2013 itself was approximately USD 14 billion. This shows the kind of commitment and dedication they have towards researching for and creating world-class high tech products.

ASUS India recently launched the Zenfone series, the smartphone mastering technological innovation and design perfection in July of 2014. They have received a thunderous response from the market. Since its release, they have even been awarded the “Budget Smart Phone of The Year – 2014” at Exhibit Tech Awards 2014 for ASUS Zenfone 5. The Zenfone Series has received path breaking response from the Indian Market. Its sales surpassed 2.8 lakhs figure by end of September which is within just a quarter. The company has also been engaging with fans across cities by hosting #ZenMeetUp to celebrate the support received from the fans. The series has received an overall substantial response online and offline. Flipkart has been the flagship site where they have been selling Zenfones which are almost always out of stock due to the huge demand!


Amazing brews and amazing food at Big Pitcher Bangalore

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For those who love Breweries, Big Pitcher has opened up on Old Airport Road in Bangalore. This is the biggest craft brewery in Bangalore with more than 6 floors of awesome fun! Though the place opened more than 6 months back, it’s only recently that they got the brewing license which has made them come out with some exemplary brews!

The brews on tap were Adjust Maadi (Hop Twisted Dry Hefeweizen), Czech that pilsner (Wild Cat Slav Lager), Sarava! (suspiciously Brazilian Witbier), Kingslayer (Medieval Dark Wheat Ale) and Hop Witch (Single-Hop mutating ale).

Brewmaster Luiz Fernando Pizzani was there to present to us all the beers and he explained the process behind naming each beer and the entire process of brewing. It was really wonderful to listen to his experiences across the world which made him brew some of the best beers with innovative twists!


Whitefield Streat Kitchen Wednesdays at Marriott

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Recently went to Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield for Whitefield Streat Kitchen festival which is there every Wednesday for Dinner. It was wonderful to see street food being celebrated by such a big five star hotel. I was sure that we could enjoy to our heart’s content without worrying about the food quality or taste!

Started with Nasheele rasagulle which is Rasagolla in Vodka flavored Strawberry syrup! It provided the perfect start to an amazing event of food with a twist! I had Vodka panipuris before, this tasted as good if not better!

Loved the way the Alcohol menu for the evening was designed in two sections – Daru Desi for Alcholics and Bina Daru Ki Shaam for Non-Alcoholics. Daru Desi had Meri Lassi (raspberry syrup yogurt vanilla ice cream with vodka), Jaani add some rum paani (shikanjivi with white rum) along with Nasheele rasagulle. In Bina Daru Ki Shaam, there were Desi Kala Cola, Shikanivi and Jal Ki Raani (jaljeera with soda).


Rasovara – The Royal Kitchen by Rajdhani

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The ever popular Rajdhani restaurants have come with a great new concept of Rasovara which means the Royal Kitchen. They are trying to recreate the magic of kitchens from the bygone era where Royal cooks called Khansamas used to create amazing culinary experience for all!

The culinary experience is broken into three courses – the appetizers, the royal thali and the sweet ending. The appetizers started with the most popular Gujarati dish of all time – Dhokla! I loved the way it was presented like Momos in a wooden basket. They were soft and fluffy and were very colourful too!

In the appetizers, there were lot of interesting things to work up our appetite. In the starters platter that was served to us, I liked the Paneer Palak Kabab and Khasta Mutter Roll. The portions were just perfect to get your appetite working to await a Royal feast!


Doughnuts and Milk Promotion at Re:cess Hilton Bangalore

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Hilton Bangalore inside Embassy Golf Links Tech Park near Domlur in Bengaluru has just been open over 6 months now but has already captured the hearts of Bangaloreans with their sprawling premises, interesting food combinations and impeccable service! Recently we were invited to try out the Doughnuts and Milk promotion at Re:cess the 24 hours coffee shop. It’s great to know that Doughnuts and Milk promotion has been extended till Sunday 23rd of November 2014!

We were treated to some wonderful doughnuts like the Doctor’s Doughnut in the following picture – I loved the presentation for the same! This is a pure Chocolate doughnut which is made in the shape of a sick patient lying on hospital bed. The Chocolate doughnut is giving a syringe shot of Cointreau – an orange liqueur. This was complimented with a couple of sweet tablets and syrups served in test tubes. This was the highlight of evening for me!


Martini Mixing Night with Pedro Rafael at Taj West End Bengaluru

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I was recently invited to a very special martini mixing session held by Taj West End Bengaluru at their Blue Bar with Pedro Rafael- Brand Ambassador for Diageo, South India and Ken Love, guest and patron of The Taj West End. We were part of a live demonstration and tasted martinis made from some of the most exquisite fruits. I’m taking the instagram route to explain all the martinis made by Pedro and tasted by us. Drool on!

Pedro making martinis at @tajwestend

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Started with humorously titled “Holy Water” martini which is made of 50ml Ciroc Vodka, 20ml Peach Puree, 15ml Lemon Juice, 40ml Pineapple Juice and around 6 Mint leaves. This was served in Martini Glass and was perfectly made by Pedro though he said the Lemon Juice was a little strong.

Holy Water martini by Pedro at @tajwestend #MaximumMartinis A photo posted by Hrish Thota (@dhempe) on


Asian Grill Festival Redux at Shiro

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2 years since I was first invited to Asian Grill festival at Shiro in 2012, I was invited again recently to Asian Grill Festival Redux at Shiro Bengaluru. One of our favorite Chefs from Bengaluru, Chef Priyank Chouhan hosted us for a lovely lunch on a Saturday afternoon on the open air terrace of Shiro at UB City, Bengaluru. As most of you know, Chef Priyank Singh Chouhan is the Area Kitchen Manager for Shiro, Trader Vic’s & Mai Tai lounge. He has been associated with JSM Corporation Private Ltd. for past 4 years. He is one of the most cheerful and talented chefs in the country!

The award winning Asian restaurant, Shiro offers delectable oriental delicacies and fabulous cocktails, coupled with elegance and chic of the Zen-inspired interiors presenting a memorable dining experience.You have a choice of teppanyaki tables or the lush outdoor terrace area where you can raise a toast to fine wine from around the world, food and music. We mainly stayed in the lush outdoor terrace area where we sampled some fine fare from the Asian Grill festival menu. Asian Grill Festival is on from 12th November to 13th December 2014.


Table d’hôte menu at Loft 38 Bangalore

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Loft 38 lounge which boasts of continental and Asian cuisine recently launched it’s table d’hôte menu which is a menu where multi-course meals with few choices are charged at a fixed total price. We were invited to review the TDH menu on a lazy Sunday afternoon and realized that it’s a perfect fit for any corporate lunches during the week!

We started out with an assortment of cocktails and mocktails which Loft 38 is famous for. The bartender made some amazing Mojitos and Iced Teas. We were told that we could upgrade to these mocktails like Virgin Mojito (Orange & Mint Mojito, Strawberry Mojito) or a flavored ice tea (lemon, peach, green apple) for an additional price of just Rs.99 only as the 3 course menu is fixed at Rs.499 and 4 course menu is fixed at Rs.599.

In starters, I liked Crispy Calamari. This was crumb fried spicy calamari with duet of Mayonnaise. I really liked it’s crunchiness and felt that it didn’t have strong smell to it which can offset some new folks who want to try it out.


Hyatt Culinary Challenge 2014 kicks off in Bengaluru

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One of the leading hotel chains of the world, Hyatt introduced the Hyatt Culinary Challenge 2014 in India with an amazing launch at Hyatt Bengaluru. This was a unique Initiative from Hyatt Hotels in India and their NGO partners – the SMILE Foundation which gels together culinary challenges and corporate social responsibility.

To emphasize Hyatt’s focus on its rich culinary heritage, Hyatt Hotels in India has introduced the “Hyatt Culinary Challenge 2014 – people cooking for people”. The challenge is slated to become an annual event, with the inaugural season which commenced on 31st October 2014 at Hyatt Bangalore.


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