Commune Properties – Value homes which are affordable too!

The concept of Commune is “Compact homes”. You are buying just the space required for you. COMMUNE offers just the Right Sized living units that meet not just today’s but also tomorrow’s needs of you and your small family. Be it in living comfort or style, COMMUNE apartments are cozy yet spacey enough for the two of you and possibly your loved ones too.

Commune is a Self-contained Enclave where you have all the facilities and luxuries within the complex. Life in a self-contained enclave is more efficient than living in a standalone apartment building. Once you come home, you need not step out for anything. This means more time for you and your family. The life style amenities at COMMUNE are nothing short of club class, offering a host of leisure and recreation avenues for young and old alike. Adding more fun to your happy hours!

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“Lodi – the garden restaurant” is a perfect oasis in Delhi

Recently I was in Delhi for just a single day but wanted to dine at an interesting location which is like an oasis in the noisy locales of Delhi. I chanced upon Sewara Hospitality‘s Lodi – The Garden Restaurant. Situated in Lutyens Delhi, just next to Lodi Gardens on Lodhi road, it is like a peaceful and romantic sanctuary. Just stepping inside made me forget all the traffic issues present in Delhi.

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant has both interior seating and exterior seating. As the night when I went there was relatively cooler, I preferred to sit outside which was a wise choice as the decor was fabulous and the lighting was really excellent. The entire al fresco decor was perfect for a relaxing evening out with your family, friends or romantic interest!

The bar is well stocked and can whip up some really exciting and refreshing cocktails. Some of the most recommended items are Fresh Rosemary And Thyme Quinoa and Homemade Fig Ice Cream.

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Hot fresh meals on AirAsia India’s domestic flights!

AirAsia has started their operations in Indian domestic sector since June 2014 and their home base is Bangalore. They fly to and fro more than 10 locations across India every day! It was wonderful to be invited recently to try out their new menu on domestic flights. The pricing of the items on the menu is very competitive as it starts at just Rs.200 for a hot meal where as other airlines are providing cold sandwiches at the same price!

If you book your meal online in advance, you not only get your meal fastest (whichever row you are in) but also get a discount of Rs.50! You also get a meal of your choice anytime of the day! Highlight of the afternoon and of course a nod to the home state of AirAsia India – Karnataka; was Mysore Chicken Curry and Keerai Kottu served with Lemon Rice. I loved this combination.

Instead of the boring Vegetable biryani, you can have Aloo Gobi ki Tehari with Mirch Ka Salan on your flight. All the food is prepared hygienically and freshly at Taj Sats facility near Bengaluru International Airport.

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Singapore – Shoppers’ Paradise!

Singapore is a Shoppers’ Paradise, whatever be your budget. If you want authentic Chinese stuff, you could check out Chinatown. If you authentic Indian materials, you could check out Little India. But the best of the shopping in Singapore is undoubtedly on Orchard Road.

The legendary Tangs right on Orchard Road which was started in 1932 was celebrating the 50 years of Singapore since it became independent from British and Malyasia. There was a showcase of local artisanal food which was made in Singapore. There was honey which tasted exquisitely well and there was some sampling sessions too!

For tourists and Singaporeans who don’t have a lot of time on hand, Tangs offers a Store Tour and Personal Shopper service on weekdays and non-sale periods. After you make a free reservation on their hotline, a personal shopper will keep ready different apparels in your measurement and also different products that you want to check out. You can save more than 3-4 hours in your shopping which you can spend partying in Singapore!

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Museums in Singapore – Indian Heritage Centre and Asian Civilizations Museum

Singapore is home to some wonderful museums which reflect the history and culture of the Little Red Dot! One of the recent additions to this list is the Indian Heritage Centre in the heart of Little India which was constructed at a cost of over $21 million. The unassuming glass facade that you see on the outside when lit up in the evening showcases one of the largest murals in Singapore – draw on the outside of the 4 storied building which shows the culture of India.

Indian Heritage Centre is a tribute to Indians in Singapore – both Past & Present. Many misconceptions are there about Indians in Singapore, that they are primarily South Indian and even more specifically from Tamil Nadu. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Yes the early pioneers were South Indian Tamils but there were also a lot of Parsees and Sikhs who had ventured to the promising shores of Singapore.

We started our guided tour with an audio visual presentation of Indians in Singapore from the past to present. It was a wonderfully created video which talked about the early Indians coming to Singapore in early 1900s when Britishers were ruling it as their colony. There was also information about how Indians were in fore front of the Second World War when Singapore was under attack from Japan. Some of the most eminent Indian Singaporeans were shown like Govindaswamy Pillai and Navroji Mistri.

Most of the artifacts displayed here have either been acquired from other museums or from houses of Indians who have been staying in Singapore for many decades. The museum showcases right from 19th century till 21st century when Singapore was for a short period a part of Malaysia before it got independence in 1965.

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